After Going Through A Traumatizing Incident, Mom Posts A Warning About Pool Water On Social Media

Posted by Sama in Health and Fitness On 23rd May 2018

Lacey Grace went through a traumatizing incident with her daughter and had she not taken any quick action she might have lost her 4-year old daughter Elianna. Lacey now wants other parents to learn from the incident and keep a close eye on their kids when having a pool day.


#1 Lacey Grace Wants To Warn Parents About The Dangers Of Pool Water For Kids

Pool time is always considered as the fun time for kids especially in the summers when the heat becomes unbearable. However, this one family is here to warn other parents about the dangers of using pool noodles. After going through a traumatic pool experience with her 4-year old, Lacey Grace shares her experience on social media.


#2 Elianna Suddenly Choked Up On A Lot Of Pool Water

Lacey Grace was having fun pool day with her 4-year old Elianna and her friend. The kids were playing with the pool noodle but suddenly a gush of water shot up and gushed down Elianna's throat. Setting up a Gofundme account for her daughter's treatment, Lacey explained, "Elianna was playing in the pool with a “pool noodle” on Saturday, and as many many children do every day, she was blowing in one end and blowing water out the other."


#3 She Threw Up The Water Immediately

"By 100% freak accident, Elianna put her mouth to blow out at the same time someone blew in the other end, causing the water to shoot directly down her throat. She threw up immediately but didn’t really have any other notable things happen."

Following the incident, Elianna was completely fine for a day and a half but later she got a fever. Not thinking much of it, Lacey continued to do things according to the timetable and sent her daughter to the School. But she later got a call from the School saying her daughter's fever returned.

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