After Losing Her Daughter To A Tragic Accident, Mom Tries To Deal With Her Pain By Doing Something Positive Fo

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For Betty, it was like she lost her world when her daughter Tammi died in a tragic accident at the young age of 19. However, Betty decided to change her agony into something positive and in her daughter's name she opened a small boutique, "Tammi's Closet." The plan was to run a small store and help the needy students but Betty in her wildest dreams would not have imagined the overwhelming response she would receive and her store would become one of the most renowned names in the country in just a few years.

#1 Remembering Her Daughter As A True Loving Person

Betty Vitale-Neal from Amesbury, Massachusetts lost her daughter Tammi in a tragic accident in 1996. Tammi was only 19 when she died. With a heavy heart, her mum Betty remembers her daughter as a loving person, "She was a true friend and a fantastic, loving daughter. She enjoyed life. She loved doing anything outdoors. She was a hard worker."


#2 She Started "Tammi's Store" To Help Young Girls In Getting Dresses For Their Prom Night

Betty, however, decided to change her agony into something positive and do something for her daughter Tammi, for the purpose Betty started a philanthropic venture, "Tammi's Closet" dedicated to helping young girls like Tammi in preparing beautiful prom dresses for their special day.

#3 The Idea Was To See Young Girls Dressed Up Beautifully Fo Their Prom Night Just Like Her Daughter Tammi Dressed Up For Hers

It all began in 2005 when Betty heard that East Boston High School was searching for prom dresses, at that moment Betty decided she will donate each and every dress of her daughter Tammi which she has kept dearly until then. But the idea of seeing young girls like Tammi getting beautifully dressed up for their prom was more appealing and if she could help those girls in preparing those dresses for them when they couldn't afford to do so themselves, what could be better then this.


#5 It All Began With An Idea In March 2014

Even back in March 2014, Betty was having a discussion with her friends about how expensive prom attires were and there was not even a single shop in town which was selling the dresses at an affordable price or perhaps donating them to the girls and boys who couldn't afford them.

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