After Losing His Personal Identification, Man Is Forced To Live In A Cardboard Box Home For 3 Years Until Police Finds His Contact Name On A Forgotten Bank Account

Posted by Sama in Heartbreaking On 3rd February 2018

John Helinski lost his personal identification which brought him to the streets. The sixty-something man was forced to live his life as a homeless man on the streets of Tampa, Florida. However, Helinski's caseworker and Police officer McDonald appeared in his life as an angel in disguise and helped the old man to get back to life and finally be able to reclaim a little of what he lost.

#1 Losing His Personal Identification

After losing his personal identification in a theft, John Helinski didn't know the effects of losing his identification would be daunting and he would end up losing everything he owned. For three long years, Helinski was forced to live as a homeless man on the streets of Tampa in a home made of cardboard.


#2 Beaten By Circumstances, Helinski Started To Hide From The World

Beaten by the life, the sixty-something man felt lost in the streets on Tampa and would often hide under benches at night to hide away from the heartless world. Helinski was originally born in Poland which made it more difficult for him to prove his identity in the States. The unfortunate man also tried to apply for shelter, for temporary housing at a homeless centre.

#3 Helinski's Caseworker Was Determined To Help Him

With help from his caseworker, Police tried to search for Helinski's identity but they didn't even know that from where they begin their search.


#4 Together With The Help Of Police Officer McDonald They Finally Found Something

One police officer named Dan McDonald made extra efforts to help the old man and continued his search for Helinski's identity. McDonald, in the end, turned out to be Helinski's saviour as what he was able to dig out was going to change Helinski's life forever and that too in a good way.

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