After Mom Posts Her Rant Over Unfair System On Social Media Child With Down Syndrome Lands A Modelling Contract

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 2nd April 2018

Meghan Nash was really disappointed when she was told that her son cannot get a chance to be part of fashion industry only because of his disability. Frustrated by continuous rejections, Nash took to social media to vent out her anger over the unfair system and amazingly Nash's post got viral in a matter of few hours with a leading fashion brand reaching out to the mom to give 18-months old Asher a chance at modelling.


#1 Asher Despite Being Super Adorable Was Continuously Judged By His Disability

Meghan Nash's 18-month-old son Asher is as adorable as any other kid of his age, so what was stopping the kid to get a modelling contract? Little Asher was rejected by a number of talent agencies for having Down syndrome. According to the mom, the young child was not given any chance because he was judged by his disability and not even a single agency bothered to look beyond it, which we must say is not only disappointing but also sad too.


#2 Nash Took To Social Media To Vent Out Her Frustration

Nash later found out that most of the agencies assumed that the cloth retailers wouldn't want a child with Down syndrome so they never bothered to forward Asher's pictures forward. After knowing this, Nash took to social media to vent out her frustration and posted her story on a page named Changing Face of Beauty Facebook page.


#3 Nash's Post Received Positive Response From The Online Community

In her post, Nash wrote, "We aren’t giving up! This handsome boy is ready to show the world what#changingthefaceofbeauty is!” she wrote in her caption. We would love to model for OshKosh B’gosh Carter’s / Oshgosh B’Gosh Distribution Center Carter’s Babies”R”Us Changing the Face of Beauty. Let’s make a difference and join #50in2017! #Ashersdownrightperfect

#downsyndrome #nothingdownaboutit #t21#theluckyfew #dslove #downsyndromeawareness"

Surprisingly and amazing the page reposted Nash's post with a caption, "Hey OshKosh B’Gosh what do you say? Won’t you help us in #changingthefaceofbeauty?"

#4 Asher's Sweet Pictures Are Going To Make Your Day Better

Ultimately, Asher's super adorable pictures got viral and were shared by a number of social media pages including the page Kids With Down Syndrome. Talking about it, Nash told CNN, "It’s important to feature people with special needs in advertisements for three reasons. The first reason is inclusion. People with disabilities want to be included among their peers in life in general and being seen in advertisement is a part of that."

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