After You See These Pictures You Will Want To Recycle Everything!

Posted by Michael Avery in Nature and Travel On 8th November 2017

From the landfills we use to dispose of our waste to the oil spills that destroy our oceans, mankind is on an unsustainable adventure to live an easier life. The only problem with this quest is that there is little regard shown for our environment. The amount of pollution mankind is creating is staggering. So much so that pollution is currently the number one killer worldwide.

It's not just people who are dying from the pollution either. Birds and mammals are unfortunate victims of our waste as well.

This obviously needs to change but how can we inspire people to limit their carbon footprint and live a cleaner life? Maybe these heartbreaking photos will do the trick.

This poor seal is trapped in discarded netting.


This unlucky raccoon got its lip caught in a fishing lure.

This sea turtle died thanks to chemical pollutants on a polluted beach in Tunisia.


Hermit crabs will make their homes in anything they can fit their bodies in, including garbage.

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