AI Shows What The 'Ideal' Woman Looks Like In Each Country

By Abdul Rafay in Science and Technology Published On 27th July 2023

These are the results an AI came up with when asked to identify the "ideal" woman from a range of countries throughout the world.

Images of people's potential future appearances and the actual physical manifestations of cartoon characters are being produced thanks to technology.

However, in addition to requesting apparently accurate representations of the aging process or the transformation of cartoon characters into real humans, AI has also been employed to produce stereotypical or 'ideal' images.

United Kingdom Credit: Great Green Wall

Both the 'ideal' man and woman are depicted, along with the presumably average-looking lady from each city in the UK and Ireland.

This time, Miss UK is unquestionably a throwback to the era of Princess Diana (affectionately known as "Ar Di" in some circles), who we're bringing you on a globe tour of what an AI thinks is the "ideal" lady from each country.

There are many alternative outfits and what appears to be a design that Team GB at the Olympics rejected.


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When the AI imagined the ideal American, Marilyn Monroe was undoubtedly in mind. In addition, that crown closely resembles the Statue of Liberty's head, unlike some of the other (many) crowns that can be seen in these photographs.

She definitely has a beauty pageant appearance, and like many other AI-generated ladies, she is constructed with the ability to punch through walls with ease.

United States Credit: Great Green Wall
France Credit: Great Green Wall

The French counterpart, meanwhile, wears clothing in the colors of her country's flag and prefers a little tiara, albeit the AI seems to have a penchant for placing odd shapes on her.

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It does, however, understand that the color orange, which also happens to be the name of the Dutch royal family, is a safe choice if you're representing the Netherlands.

Netherlands Credit: Great Green Wall
China Credit: Great Green Wall

The AI is capable of understanding that global beauty standards and fashions can vary greatly, as evidenced by its representation of the "ideal" Chinese woman.

I'll admit that I don't know enough about women's attire throughout Chinese history to determine whether or not what these women are wearing in these photographs is in any way realistic or appears absurd to an educated eye.


In addition, rather than having some type of scientific grudge against ladies from colder climates, the AI had a problem with their dress choices.

Again, they largely rely on the "look regal in a crown" and "could punch through a wall" aesthetics when they portray Canadian women. Given how chilly Canada is, one might worry that these women will regret AI's decision to withhold a coat.

Canada Credit: Great Green Wall
South Africa Credit: Great Green Wall

At least the AI can draw a decent maple leaf, even if it doesn't know it would be chilly up there, which is highly unlikely.

Though, again, I'm not too well trained in vexillology so I don't know if some of those flags are a little bit off, the depiction of South Africa has gone to great lengths to weave the nation's flag in with the 'ideal' woman's outfit.


What is apparent is that the AI loves its crowns and, in the case of Egypt, created a highly opulent one that wouldn't have looked out of place on a pharaoh's head.

However, the woman in the bottom right corner of the image doesn't appear to be having much fun.

Egypt Credit: Great Green Wall
India Credit: Great Green Wall

Now switching to India, it appears that some of the country's famous structures, or at least the most accurate representations of them provided by an AI painting program, are currently in vogue.

Intriguingly, there is also a man standing nearby with a lanyard.


'Miss Germany' appears very different despite being close by. Again, all of the AI-generated ladies have incredibly thin proportions, although they are less toned than French women. It's interesting how many German ladies have really chiseled, pointed features that almost make them look more masculine. Once more, the photos all include an extended forehead, small, thin lips, and pale eyebrows. 

Germany Credit: Great Green Wall
Russia Credit: Great Green Wall

The A.I.-created models were all presented with a slender, hourglass physique in accordance with Russian beauty standards. The majority of the women had blonde or brunette hair, which was pretty common. Similar facial characteristics included high cheekbones, a strong jawline, high foreheads, and thin lips. 


Being a brunette appears to be a big aspect of Italy's beauty criteria. Almost all of the women created by artificial intelligence (A.I.) have long, wavy hair that is parted in the middle to keep it out of their faces. The olive skin, dark brows, narrow, small lips, and extended nose appear to be further components of the beauty ideal.

Italy Credit: Great Green Wall
Spain Credit: Great Green Wall

With a pointed chin and doll-like features, "Miss Spain" possesses a beauty reminiscent of Barbie. Along with brown eyes, blonde and brunette hair appear to be frequently linked to the beauty ideal. 'Miss Spain' has a smaller forehead and narrower face than other European nations we have seen so far, as well as a petite, pointed nose and big lips.


The A.I.'s interpretation of the Romanian beauty standard is also fairly doll-like, with each of the women sporting high cheekbones, a sharp jawline, huge brown eyes, and full lips. Each of the 'Miss Romania' contestants has a thin shape once more, with a focus on very slim arms and a noticeable décolletage.

Romania Credit: Great Green Wall
Cyprus Credit: Great Green Wall

The A.I. models for the ideal 'Miss Cyprus' include ladies with toned and muscular bodies, a tight waist, voluptuous hips, and broad shoulders. The A.I. created an olive skin tone and both blonde and black hair colors. A chiseled jawline, a small nose, a high forehead, and high cheekbones are among the traits of the face.


Hungary is another nation that places a lot of emphasis on physical training and a lean physique. The artificial intelligence-generated "Miss Hungary" contenders are all incredibly muscular, have a clearly defined tummy, and have toned arms and legs. Once more, the beauty standard includes both blonde and brunette hair, but interestingly, there is no universally accepted standard for facial features. There is a lot of variance in nose size, mouth shape, and even eye color among the ladies, who all have rather petite faces.

Hungary Credit: Great Green Wall
Belarus Credit: Great Green Wall

The A.I. created contenders for 'Miss Belarus' provides another intriguing set of beauty standards. Despite having similar body and facial traits, the women all have blonde hair. The women appear a little bit larger and lack stomach definition in some of the photographs. Some of the other women, however, have flat, distinct tummies. A small face appears to be a common facial feature in all of the A.I.-generated photos, but there were no other attributes that were similar.


Austrian beauty standards can vary due to the diverse builds and traits that the A.I. generations exhibit. Some of these ladies are portrayed as having slightly curvier body types and stomachs that are less defined, while others are shown as having considerably thinner builds and stomachs that are more muscular. Their hair color ranged from blonde to brunette or anywhere in between, and their facial features tended to have a v-shaped jawline.

Austria Credit: Great Green Wall
Serbia Credit: Great Green Wall

In Serbia, a toned or muscular figure with a thin waist and a flat stomach is considered to be beautiful. Again, both blonde and brunette hair are present, and the usual facial traits are a tiny face, a v-shaped jawline, and high cheekbones.

Although the requirements for "Miss Serbia" appeared to be a little more lenient in terms of facial features, a strong focus is placed on having a slim and athletic body type.


In terms of face features, the A.I. in Switzerland did not actually establish any established beauty criteria. The bodily types, however, exhibited commonalities. The 'Miss Switzerland' A.I. contestants all had slim builds, a small waist, and skinny arms. They were not, however, as thin as some other European nations. The A.I. photos included both blonde and brunette hair, but the facial features varied from petite, lengthy faces to both thin and large lips.

Switzerland Credit: Great Green Wall

It's vital to keep in mind that these are merely representations of AIs and that while they are capable of creating things, they may not even be aware of what they have produced.

In some instances, such as Egypt, it looks to be emulating a style from hundreds or even thousands of years ago—an appearance that the majority of people would never consider donning in everyday life.

However, most of the others are covered in flags and crowns, so that's hardly standard attire either.