Airline Introduces 'Child-Free' Zones Sparking Furious Backlash From Travellers

By Abdul Rafay in Travel On 6th November 2023

The internet is going crazy over an airline's new "child-free" zone.

It goes without saying that having to endure a long-haul journey while sitting in front of a crying baby can be extremely stressful. 

However, some believe that the airline went too far by excluding kids from sitting in a specific area of the aircraft.

Travelers have expressed their opinions about the new adjustments on X (Twitter), with some calling the child-free zones "sad" and "weird." 

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Some have countered that they would pay more to "be on a plane without children" and believe the development is a good idea.

The user @LizardKangz_95 posted the following tweet, which ignited the debate: "So apparently airlines are considering making 'child-free zones' on planes, & I can’t decide if this is a dystopian shift or not, but generally it’s really sad how little tolerance people have for children & babies—even acting like they shouldn’t be in public."


More than 30,000 people have viewed the tweet, and 150 people have responded with mixed feelings regarding the move to mark certain areas of planes as "child-free."

One user expressed support for the initial poster, writing: “I’ve noticed people seem more annoyed with kids in public than I’ve ever seen before. Usually, people see little kids and babies and smile or whatever but that’s seeming to slowly change. It’s weird and sad."

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One supporter of child-free zones, meanwhile, stated: “I will not tolerate a screaming baby next to me on a four-hour flight," which was quickly hit back at by another user who retorted: "I mean you definitely will if you’re on a said flight and they are too. Children are people too."

Some express their anger at the notion by saying: "I cannot even believe that’s f**king legal lol"

Remarkably, one parent supported the concept and stated: "I'd love this. I don't want to fly with my young twins because I don't want to p*ss off the whole plane. A designated space would actually be nice."

Some perceive the child-free airplane zones as being a minor aspect of a larger campaign to prevent parents and children from going out in public, characterizing it as discriminatory.


One wrote: "Definitely dystopian... when I was young, I could remember being at something like a little league game or a mall or something, and if a mother was struggling with her kids, 5 other women would jump up and try to assist... now everyone pulls out their phones and records video for Tiktok on why people shouldn't have kids anymore..."

However, kids aren't the only ones who might cause trouble when flying. After reportedly biting a police officer while intoxicated earlier this year, a passenger had to be removed from the flight.

Dutch carrier Correndon gave the following justification for the adults-only area: 'This zone in the aircraft is intended for passengers traveling without children and for business travelers who want to work in a quiet environment.’

'At the same time, the introduction of the Only Adult zone also has a positive effect for parents with children.’

'They don't have to worry as much about possible reactions from fellow passengers if their child is a bit busier or cries.' 

The founder of Corendon, Atilay Uslu, also said: 'On board our flights, we always strive to respond to the different needs of our customers.’


'We are also the first Dutch airline to introduce the Only Adult zone because we cater to travelers looking for some extra peace of mind during their flight.’

'We also believe this can have a positive effect on parents traveling with small children. They can enjoy the flight without worrying if their children make more noise.'