Alabama Man Gets Sister Pregnant After Unknowingly Having Sex With Her During ‘Furry’ Party

Posted by Michael Avery in On 2nd February 2016


‘Furry Fandom': "A subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics." ‘Furry Fandom' is a growing trend in the United States where like-minded people get together for dating "engagements" dressed in their favorite Furry characters. Others are taking it a step further and satisfying their darkest desires in disguise. However, this ‘Furry' trend has cause major drama for 29-year-old Jerry Hunter and his sister 38-year-old Delilah Hunter after they unknowingly engaged in sexual activity with each other while in their costumes.

Jerry claims that on the night of January 15, 2015 he was invited to a ‘Furry' meet up with eight other adults to engage in sexual activities with the group. There are only two rules to this meet up you must attend in a ‘Furry' costume and the ‘Furry' costume must stay on. According to this group, it's a place where shy people can come together without revealing their identity, and engage in whatever they would like. "I went to that there party because I like animals, and ever since Alabama outlawed intimate relations with animals 5 years ago, I had to find somethin' else to stay outa trouble," said Jerry. "But I never thought my sis would be there. I guess she was wearin' the goat outfit and I really like me some goats. So I hit it. Damn I messed up."



According to Delilah, she confided in her brother Jerry a couple months later that she was pregnant. When Jerry asked what happened, she began to describe this Furry party she went to. "I told him I went to a gatherin' dressed up like a goat," said Delilah. "I said I had ‘did it' with a guy that night and he got me pregnant and it was the best I ever had. That's when Jerry and I figured out that he was the father. But I can't get that good lovin' out of my mind, so we are stayin' together to raise this baby. She has 10 fingers and 10 toes so there ain't nothing wrong with us staying together."

Since incest is now illegal in Alabama, Jerry and Delilah are fighting to keep their little girl Jerlilah. They are unable to get married due to the law against their relationship. However, they say it will not stop them from staying together.

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