Alicia Silverstone Flashes Her Bare Vegan Body For PETA

By Samantha in Showbiz On 23rd December 2022

The 46-year-old star of "Clueless" collaborated with PETA on a new campaign to promote the use of alternatives to leather.

In the campaign, she strikes a "Birth of Venus" pose, tastefully covering herself, and the result is absolutely breathtaking.

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She looks radiant and the photoshoot has a distinctive edge to it.

Don't Be A Prick, Wear Vegan

In the promotional poster for PETA, Silverstone is seen wearing only vegan leather boots, positioned in the middle of a cactus field.

Her blonde hair is neatly swept to one side, and her makeup is subtle and natural.

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She uses one hand to cover her breasts and the other to cover her lower body, reminiscent of the famous "The Birth of Venus" painting.

She looks effortlessly graceful, her skin glowing and her physique remarkable.

The poster carries a straightforward message: "Don't be a prick. Wear vegan."

It encourages the adoption of cactus, mushroom, or apple leather as alternatives.

"I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Animals"

"I never, ever, get naked in TV, in film, nothin', never, nope—but I've done it for PETA because that's how much it matters to me," Silverstone remarked in a behind-the-scenes clip from the photoshoot.

In the clip, she discusses the environmental downsides of traditional leather production and champions the benefits of plant-based leather alternatives.

She explains the unsustainable nature of the resources like water, food, oil, and energy required to produce traditional leather.

Vegan Since '99

A devoted animal lover and environmental advocate, Alicia has adhered to a vegan lifestyle since 1999.

She follows a strict plant-based diet and has authored "The Kind Diet," a book that encourages readers to lose weight, eat healthier, and help save the planet.

Her 11-year-old son, Bear, is also being raised vegan.

While committed to sustainable living, Alicia admits she's not without her faults.


"I have hiccups too, I would say I’m 99.9% vegan. But I still consider myself a vegan warrior," she shared in an interview.

Naked Billboard in Times Square

This striking PETA campaign was recently unveiled with a large billboard in New York’s Times Square, located at the busy intersection of 40th Street and Eighth Avenue, just in time for the city's holiday festivities.

Silverstone elaborates that her ultimate aim is to introduce these eco-friendly, vegan materials to top designers in the fashion industry.

"My dream is to get these earth-friendly, vegan materials into the hands of the greatest designers," she expressed. 

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"I’d rather go naked than wear animals."