All Of These Images Are Oddly Satisfying

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Amazing On 30th April 2018

As humans, we really do enjoy the simple pleasures in life. You might love a picturesque sunset or find yourself in awe of nature in general. Many of you have a tad bit, or maybe full-on, OCD and take pleasure in seeing things that seem to be perfect in symmetry. Whichever category that you fall in, you will love these images.

Cake & Snow

These glass cakes are absolutely amazing. The only thing more satisfying than seeing one is watching how they make them. Then, this snowy bench is super cool. It almost looks like a strand of DNA. You have to wonder how it fell that way.


Shadows & Puddles

The timing of this sidewalk shot is impeccable. We love how it lines up perfectly in the corners of the sidewalk. Then, look at the miracle of the shape of the puddle of oil in this pan. We had to look closer to see if the pan had that design in it already, but it didn't. How cool is that?

Roots & Eggs

Nature is truly amazing. I don't think I have ever seen a root grow like this around bricks before. It is pretty cool. And, let's talk about this egg. Have you ever cracked an egg and had this happen? I wonder if it was semi-frozen.


Trees & Cake

I think this top picture needs to be analyzed. I am sure plenty of people out there might think that it is photoshopped. It almost looks like two different photos laid on top of each other. Then, there is this cake which is a person with OCD's dream. It is pure perfection.

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