Amazing Facts For The Animal Lovers Out There

By Michael Avery in Nature On 18th May 2018

#1 Please don't move a box turtle.

If you move a box turtle from where you found it, it will most likely end up dying while searching for its home. Please just leave them where they are. Don't try to take one home as a pet.

#2 Stay off my property.

There is an eagle in Australia that would put any cranky old man to shame when it comes to protecting its territory. They will even attack aircraft! Why? Because, Australia, that's why!

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#3 And now for something gassy!

Manatees, much like myself, can alter their buoyancy while swimming by farting. Next time you see one watch for the bubbles.


#4 Donkeys are mean.

If you think that donkeys are nice, kind animals you couldn't be more wrong. They will totally wreck you if they have the chance to. Be careful around them.

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#5 He's got big balls!

If you see a lion with a long, thick mane it means he's got giant grapefruit-sized balls and is pretty versatile. If he doesn't have a mane or it's not very thick then he has lost his stones most likely.

#6 And now for a pretty crappy fact.

If you use paper in Kenya there is a good chance that it was made from elephant poop. That's a pretty stinky fact don't you think?