Amazing Inventions You Won’t Believe Exist

Posted by Editorial Staff in Science and Technology On 16th February 2017

Humans have been inventing since the beginning of time and some inventions helped revolutionized the way we do things today. There are some inventions that you don’t even know you needed and actually exists. In this list, some of the inventions are actually pretty useful while others are real head scratchers. Here are some amazing inventions that'll blow your mind!

#1 Reuseable Candles

Candles are messy and once you burn them, they drip all over into a glob that can't be reused. But thanks to The Rekindle, that's no longer a problem! This invention collects the melting, dripping wax that otherwise might go to waste, and shapes it to form a new candle that can reused over and over again.


#2 Twisted Spaghetti Fork

Whoa! This is what I need. A curvy fork. This invention was specially designed to keep your spaghetti from sliding off your fork by SlingBlades. The forks, sold by the dozen, are available on Amazon for $75. a set. The perfect tableware for any pasta dinner, and one of those things you wish you had thought of first.

#3 Baby Stroller Scooter

It's called The Roller Buggy and it can be yours for $600. Simply place your baby inside the carrier, hop on the back and use the handle to pull downward to get traction and start rolling. It rolls over most all terrains and gives bot Mom and baby a great adventure.


#4 Interchangeable Rotating Power Strips

No more finagling your plugs around to fit into the spaces. This rotating rechargeable power strip will allow for any type of plug to fit in by just twisting the outlets around. The colored version allows you to keep track of which plug belongs to which electrical unit.

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