Amazing Useful Hacks That Will Change The Way You Use An Iron

By Muk Khatri in Facts and DIY On 6th March 2018

#1 Cooking time with iron

Pretty Cool!! As shown in picture above, you can use iron for cooking purposes.

#2 Yummy cheese sandwich

Make a grilled cheese sandwich with an iron and aluminium foil. WOW!

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#3 Bacon

Bake the bacon with aluminium foil and heat of an iron. Interesting!

#4 Seal Wrapper

Want to close your wrapper? Seal it with the help of aluminium foil and heat it with iron. HOW HELPFUL!

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#5 Removing barcode

It is a best way of removing barcodes from any box. Just put a paper on the code and heat it with iron. It will remove easily. SO EASY!!

#6 Decoration Item

Cut a bottle in two pieces and do same as instructed in a picture below. Your decoration piece is ready. You can colour it too!

#7 Cleaning iron

Take toothpaste, baking soda and vinegar. Mix it well, heat the iron to minimum and use this solution to clean your iron. BEST HACK EVER!

#8 Watch video for some more interesting hacks