Amazon Parody Dating Website "Sells" Hot Singles, And Their Bios And Reviews Are Enough To Crack You Up

Posted by Sama in Funny On 12th February 2020

These days there are vast options for people to find dates through online websites.There are sites dedicated for the purpose only.All you have to do is login into the site and make your account and you are ready. Now swipe right and left to find the partner most suitable for you. However, this parody dating site is here to give you a different experience as you can order your customized partner of choice from this site and that too can be delivered at your doorstep in a day.


#1 Dating website created by a group of friends as satire

Have you ever heard of an online dating site where you can order the date of your choice? Or better, you can get them delivered on the same day. Sounds too good to be true? Well, that is because the site 'Amazon Dating' has been created by a group of friends as satire and one might consider it as a joke taken too far, maybe?

Go through the collection of dates on the site and search for a partner of your choice, you can even make size adjustments according to your taste and best part is that you can select one in your budget.


#2 The creators have received 10,000 applications so far to be the part of "product list"

Amazon Dating was set up by a team of creative minds from a wide range of fields, including director Ani Acopian, music producer Suzy Shinn, director/animator Morgan Gruer, and developers Pasquale D’Silva and Jacob Bijani.

The interesting (or perhaps not so interesting) part is that all the "listed" products in the site are friends of Shinn and Acopian. According to the creators of the site, they have received 10,000 applications so far to be the part of "product list." The creators said they’ll continue adding new “listings” in small batches.


#3 The offers also come with a price tag and the ability to change the “product’s” height

People who wish to be the part of product list have to apply through the site and along with it, they have to submit a short intro about themselves with their Instagram handle and their picture.

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