Amid Coronavirus Panic People Are Sharing Social Distancing Diary Entry Tweets That Are Both Funny And Relatable

Posted by Sama in Funny On 17th March 2020

With the Coronavirus panic and chaos everywhere, the world is finding humor by sharing its social distancing diaries on Twitter. With some finding comfort in trying new dishes, while others coming up with new activities and some catching up with their sleep, these tweets are hilariously relatable and at the same time will give you comfort because these tweets are a reminder that we are all in this together.


#1 We all can relate to this, no?


#2 And here we go


#3 Times when no one trusts anyone


#5 Even our pets are worried after seeing so much of us every day these days

#7 With so much time on hands now, one can self-reflect on their doings now

#8 We can feel for you brother

#9 New things happening at home these days

#10 Anyone wants the recipe?

#11 It's like house arrest is getting to us all now

#12 We can relate pretty well to this girl here

#14 And talked to my parrot for fun

#15 This is the winner here

#16 Meeting new members of the house