Animal Abusers Are Now Being Registered Like Sex Offenders

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in News

Animal abuser registry commissioners passed a new law in Hillsborough County due to rise in animal cruelty.


Some U.S. states will be adding names of the animal abuser to the animal registry similar to how sex offenders are registered.

Tennessee has already implemented the animal abuse registry.


The registry is displayed on the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation's website and accessible to anyone.

The register list includes abuser name, convictions, and photograph.


The animal shelter now required an affidavit that provides assurance that the adopter is not on the registry.

According to The Independent: "There is a wider law enforcement issue at play here, as well as the abuse of helpless animals. Those who are cruel to animals are much more likely to enact violent crime against people."


New Jersey state Rep. Troy Singleton (D) talking about animal abuse registry legislation, said:

"Just as we place extra trust in teachers and law enforcement, so, too, should we ensure that those engaged in the handling of animals have a spotless record."

The bill sponsor, Suffolk County legislator Jon Cooper said:

"We know there is a very strong correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence, We know there is a very strong correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence."


A petition has received a quarter of a million signatures in the UK.

The petition was to introduce a similar initiative which was swept under the rug by the general election last year.


The Campaign for an Animal Abuser Register website states:

"The reasons why someone abuses an animal can be complex. However, there can be no doubt, from convicted cases alone, that a large number of individuals enjoy being cruel to animals.

They enjoy torturing a defenseless living being, often a loving pet, and they enjoy watching their pain and suffering. These abusers go on to abuse again because they strongly desire to repeat that experience."

"They might choose other animals as their victims, or they might choose human victims, and sometimes they also kill their victims."

"That taste for cruelty and killing is what sets animal abusers apart from other criminals.

That is why they are dangerous, and that is why we need an Animal Abuser Registry."