Apple Apologizes For iPhone Slowdowns, Drops Battery Prices

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Science and Technology On 29th December 2017

Apple apologized to customers for deliberately slowing down older iPhones as their batteries age, in a letter.



Apple just published a letter to customers apologizing for the "misunderstanding" around older iPhones being slowed down, following its recent admission that it was, in fact, slowing down older phones in order to compensate for degrading batteries. "We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down," says the company. "We apologize."



To make amends, Apple will temporarily drop the price of replacement batteries for the iPhone 6 and later to $29 starting in late January. The price will go back up to the usual $79 in 2019.



Apple’s apology and decision come after a controversy following the revelation last week that as the health of an iPhone battery degrades over time, Apple’s software adjusts accordingly, intentionally slowing down the phone so that its weaker battery doesn’t quickly die.


A year ago, some iPhone users reported their devices were shutting down unexpectedly even when they showed some battery power left. It wasn't caused by defective batteries, according to Apple, but normal issues with aging lithium-ion batteries.

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