Apple Gives iPhone Users A Middle Finger

By Sughra Hafeez in Science and Technology On 23rd October 2015

#1 The new emoji can only be seen with those running the latest software. Anyone else will see an alien figure or blank space in its place.

To update your iPhone to iOS 9.1 just go to settings-> General-> Software Update-> install.

#2 Now you can send all these much awaited emoji to your loved ones.

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#4 This is what people have to say about the much awaited middle finger emoji.

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#5 The objects tab now has a candle, a 50s-style microphone and a bin (pictured), while on the activity tab, a golfer taking a swing, a cricket bat and ball, a volleyball, bow and arrow, and a hockey stick have been added.

#6 Who doesn't want this emoji?