Are Dip Powder Nails Done At Home A Safer And Better Option To Gel Or Acrylic Nails?

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Fashion On 2nd January 2018

Nothing sucks more than having a great mani just to see the polish chip away in a few days especially if you spent a lot of time and effort perfecting your perfect manicure. Simple acts like washing your dishes can be death on your nail polish. In most cases, it takes just a few days to look like you have been wearing the same polish for weeks. However, there is this new, not really but it is only recently gaining momentum on social media, a technique called nail dipping that you need to know about.



Dipping powder for your nails is not something new, but it is gaining popularity recently on social media. The process is really easy and makes for a great at-home option to lasting manicures.

Using dipping powder to color your nails means that you do not have to go to the salon in order to get gel or acrylic nails done. This also means that you do not have to worry about inhaling all that dust that you would while at the salon. And, you do not have that UV exposure that you get with a gel manicure.

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There are tons of companies who sell dipping powder kits to everyone not just nail techs, so you can do this all from the comfort of your own home. You can see how awesome the results are from the photos we will show you in this article.



The best part about using dipping powder is that the powder color will stick to your nails, not the skin surrounding them like nail polish would.

After you dip your nails in the powder, you seal it with a protective clear coat. It is super easy and your nails dry much faster than they would with nail polish. Plus, reviewers have stated that your nails will stay looking totally fab for two to four weeks. You also save a ton of money by doing this at home instead of paying salon prices.



The real question is, is this process safe? Well, dip powder nails are marketed as safe and natural, however, they are bonded with the same ingredients used in Krazy Glue just like acrylic and gel polishes. But, so do traditional nail polishes, so if you have no issues using most store-bought nail polishes, you should have no issues using dipping powders.


The biggest issue is that these dipping powders are removed like acrylic and gel nails. They have to be soaked off with acetone. You usually have to soak your nails in acetone for 15 minutes to remove the powder. Also, keep in mind that the longer you have worn the powder means the longer you have to soak in order to remove it. While application and wear times are fantastic, the removal process can be taxing.


When you remove products like this from your nails, you should always have patience. Do not try to scrape it off. This causes a ton of damage to your natural nail, and it could hurt. That being said, there is no more risk to your health during removal than there is getting acrylics or gel manicures removed. There is no risk of inhalation with these powders, and since you do not have to use a UV light, there is no risk of skin cancer.


So, do you think this technique is for you? There is a lot of work involved when it comes to removal, and there is the chance of damaging your nails if you do not remove it properly.

I know I, personally, will be trying this soon. I have oily nails that tend to cause my polish to chip easily. Plus, I type all day long, and that is rough on my nails.