Are You A Lumbersexual? These Plaid Lips Might Be For You.

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Fashion On 27th December 2017

There have been plenty of strange beauty trends to pop up in 2017. We have seen everything from wiggly eyebrows to beards adorned with glitter and Christmas ornaments. While we have to agree, most of these trends have been pretty out there, we can also agree that it takes a degree of talent to pull off these looks. Most of these looks are strictly for the purposes of posting on Instagram and showcasing the talents of the makeup artist. However, we think that these plaid lips are something we would consider leaving the house with.

You are probably wondering what a lumbersexual is. A lumbersexual is defined as, "A young urban man who cultivates an appearance and style of dress (typified by a beard and check shirt) suggestive of a rugged outdoor lifestyle."


Lumbersexuals have five defining traits. First off, lumbersexuals will rock some amazing facial hair. He may rock a constant stubble, but a true lumbersexual will have a magnificent beard.

Secondly, they love their flannel. But, they do not just stick to flannels. You may also find them rocking the heck out of a denim top, leather gloves, and a wool winter jacket. The third sign of a true lumbersexual is that they prefer to live in rural areas over the city. They are also quite handy. You may find him cutting wood or doing some repairs around the house while rocking a full tool belt.

The fourth sign of a true lumbersexual is their diet. They prefer to dine on organic foods and drink craft beers. You'll find him at locally owned coffee shops and farm-to-table establishments, eating well and savoring each hearty bite.

The last telltale sign of a lumbersexual is their lifestyle. They show appreciation for quality over quantity. He does not need the latest tech and is happy knowing that the things he owns are built to last. Where a metrosexual might value how something looks, a lumbersexual values how something feels—especially if it's soft-cotton flannel.


As far as these ladies and their lips are concerned. They are quite talented. The time and effort that it must have taken to get these picture-perfect flannel designs on a canvas as small as a set of lips is truly amazing.

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