At First, I Thought This Was A Top Secret Facility. Then They Opened The Doors And... WHOA.

By Sumaiya Ghani in Amazing On 22nd August 2015

#1 It’s perfect. Especially if you hate socializing.

#2 Nothing is getting in, or getting out, of this house’s complex.

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#4 It was made to withstand any and all attacks.

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#5 All of the windows and open areas are shuttered when you want them to be.

#6 It is completely closed off.

#7 But, at the touch of a button, the coverings will be rolled back.

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#8 The house actually is covered in windows, but can be made into a fortress.

#9 Not only is it strong, but it’s beautiful.

#10 Full of awesome rooms to keep you busy during any kind of apocalypse.

#11 Although at the first sign of trouble you should probably close the doors.

#12 Because most of the house is actually glass without the steel coverings.

#13 And say goodbye to being bothered by nosy neighbors.