Australian Man Dies Just After Reaching The Summit Of Mount Everest

By Abdul Rafay in Heartbreaking On 24th May 2023
Credit: 7News

A climber from Australia lost his life while he descended Mount Everest.

According to 9News, Jason Bernard Kennison was going 450 meters down the mountain in a place called "The Balcony" when he started having engineering issues that led to him running out of oxygen.

Before things went south, the 40-year-old had successfully summited Everest's 8,849-meter peak.

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A guide told AFP that while descending, they observed the man started acting strangely.

“Since the oxygen cylinders that they had with them were running out, they decided to descend to Camp 4 hoping to climb back again with oxygen cylinders to rescue him,” Asian Trekking chief Dawa Steven Sherpa said.

Two guides were able to safely descend, but Kennison declined to do so, and his body is still on the mountain.

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“It was high wind and bad weather that prevented them [from] going back to bring him down. He died in the Balcony area," Sherpa added.


After relearning how to walk, the Australian left on his Everest trek.

In 2006, he was in a car accident that left him with several fractured bones, spinal cord damage, and the warning that he might not be able to walk again.

In order to aid others in similar situations, he used his epic journey to raise money for Spinal Cord Injuries Australia.

After once being informed that he would not be able to walk, Kennison said that the expedition was "an ambitious feat that I would never have dreamed of, or thought was possible."


On Mount Everest, 310 fatalities have been officially recorded.

Jonathan Sugarman, a retired US doctor, passed away in Camp II at an elevation of roughly 6,400 meters earlier this month while on an acclimatization ascent.

He had a bad sensation, and he died at Camp 2. To return (back) his body, efforts are being made, according to Pasang Tshering Sherpa of Beyul Adventure at the time, as reported by Outside.

It happened after an avalanche on the mountain left three Nepalese sherpas missing.

The three Sherpa guides were reportedly trapped behind a 50-meter-long ice sheet that was blasted down Everest while the expedition was climbing, below Camp 1 at 5,700 meters, according to The Kathmandu Post.

Themwa Tenzing Sherpa, Lakpa Rita Sherpa, and Badure Sherpa were the three Sherpas who went missing.

According to NDTV, Lakpa Norbu Sherpa, the Himalayan Rescue Association's coordinator at Everest base camp, indicated that the chances of locating them were "very slim."