Australian Woman’s Foot-Long Spider Infestation Will Make Your Skin Crawl.

Posted by Editorial Staff in Nature and Travel On 20th March 2017

Most of us read "Charlotte's Web" when we were kids and we were cool with spiders at the time. Some of us even liked and still like "Spiderman" because he's a badass web-slinger. But when does that arachnophobia kick in? Uh, probably when you find a huge freaking spider in your letter box and a nest of thousands of her children. That's when any fuzzy feelings you had for spiders go out the door and you start screaming in terror. Then, after you've successfully managed to calm yourself, you run outside where it's safe and you call a pest control expert to get rid of your creepy crawly dilemma.

#1 Spiders generally don't care whose house it is they're nesting in when they decide to breed.

All they care about is that the conditions are ideal and safe so that they can lay their eggs. It can be inside a letterbox or the wall of someone's home.


#2 This nest in a home in Kholo, Queensland was huge and was located on the roof.

So clearly it could have been pretty difficult for the homeowners to grab a can of RAID and spray the nest when it's safely high above.

#3 Now if we found this on the roof, most of us would scream, panic, and then probably move.

But the homeowners weren't willing to leave their home, so they sought out help in getting rid of this menace.


#4 So pest control expert, Noel Parminter went in to tackle this arachnid infestation and put an end to it.

When he walked in and discovered the next, he was stunned. It was quite possibly the worst infestation he'd seen in his entire career, and he's been doing this for 16 years.

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