Awesome Creatively Carved Pumpkins That Will Be Perfect For Halloween

By Editorial Staff in Amazing On 27th September 2015

#1 Frankenstein's Monster

This isn't necessarily the most original idea for a Halloween decoration, but it is super well done. It's a safe bet that most people can't do something as complex as this.

#2 Punched Face

This is likely a professionally carved pumpkin and photo, but what an original idea. The spitting seeds are a nice touch.

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#3 Toothy Grin

The amount of detail involved in making this pumpkin is impressive. But it's also impressive that this carver managed to reorient the pumpkin and make design use of the stem.

#4 Face Off

This is actually kind of creepy looking. That's a pretty impressive feat for a pumpkin.

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#5 Vampire

How clever. The total skin is cut away to design a vampires face. The carving is done on the inner layer.

#6 iZombie

Another "skinned" carving. This zombie is either frightened or angry.

#7 Hungry Hungry Fruit

Amazing detail on this carving and the apple in the mouth for lunch is an added effect.

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#8 LEGO Head

A pumpkin carved in the shape of a LEGO minifig head could be cute on its own, but it's also possible to dress this one up. Maybe build a minifig body out of cardboard and put the pumpkin on top?

#9 Lantern Pumpkins

If traditional Halloween decorations just aren't cutting it for you anymore, change the way you think about your pumpkins. You can just treat them like seasonally festive lanterns and decorate with abstract patterns.

#10 Brace Face

This is a clever idea that makes use of some simple hardware to make a big impact. You can copy this idea or just use it as a jumping off point.

#11 Bert and Ernie

A few holes and some outdoor paint, and you can create a beautiful pumpkin display that will thrill the kiddies.

Find a short, round pumpkin and a tall, thin pumpkin and you've got the basics for a Bert and Ernie pumpkin duo. Make sure you get some yellow paint for the Bert pumpkin.

#12 Lobotomy Pumpkin

If you can find a white pumpkin, this is a great way to use it. This one is another great example of the many pumpkin-in-a-pumpkin possibilities.

#13 Starry Eyes

Stars are completely underused as jackolantern face shapes. You don't even have to do the dimensional carving seen here to mix things up.

#14 Yves Saint Laurent Bag

Finally, a pumpkin made especially for try-hards with basic taste. It's hard to imagine who'd actually waste their time making this one, though it is admittedly quite clever. Maybe a wealthy housewife with too much extra time on her hands.

#15 Spiderman

Lots of carvers are now in to making faces, scenes, and even celebrities on their pumpkins. This Spiderman is just one example. Normally they enter contests with the face carved in of the popular celeb of the time. Last year there were tons of Justin Bieber pumpkins around.

#16 Monster Mash

If you want to take your jackolantern in a unusual direction, step away from traditional Halloween looks and think instead about a greeting. This example is surely a lot of hard work and effort, but the results are astonishing!

#17 Minions

The hot thing of this season is The Minions. Expect to see lots of them around. You will need an oblong pumpkin tho carve for this one.

#18 No Carve Displays

It's simple to just paint a pumpkin instead of carving it if you are not good with carving tools. Get the perfectly shaped gourd and let your imagination fly.