Awesome Facts About Animals That Everyone Should Know

Posted by Michael Avery in Nature and Travel On 26th February 2018

Let me start this off by saying that animals are just too cool. From the biggest mammals to the tiniest reptiles every single creature on Earth has something very cool about them. Check out these animal facts that you might not have known but need to know.

#1 A little bit of Siamese Cat knowledge for you.

Did you know that Siamese cats were warmer or cooler depending on the color of their fur? In the darker areas, they are cooler while in the lighter areas they are warmer.


#2 What an amazing little cow.

Moonpie is a miniate cow that lives with a bunch of dogs. She will never be larger than an average large sized dog. She does everything with her dog friends and is even housetrained like they are. Isn't that just cool?

#3 A little bald eagle knowledge for you.

Bald eagles are all about balance and equilibrium. When they lose a feather on one side they will lose a feather on the other side to be even.


#4 This snake will turn you into a freebleeder.

The boomslang snake of Africa is pretty dangerous. One bite from it will likely be all that it takes to kill you. Just look at what it can do to you.

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