Awesome Ways To Lose Weight Faster

Posted by Michael Avery in Health and Fitness On 9th May 2018

#1 Turn off the lights when it's time for bed.

When it's time for bed or even when you're just relaxing around the house you should turn off the lights. Studies done at Ohio State University have found that when you spend more time in darkened surroundings you tend to burn more calories.


#2 Lower the temperature while you sleep to stimulate weight loss.

When you are cold your body uses more energy to keep you warm. In fact, if you sleep in a cold room your body will start burning calories faster than if you slept in a warmer room. Studies have shown that people who sleep in rooms at or below 66° F burn about 7% more calories than people who sleep in rooms with a higher temp.


#3 Quit multitasking and you'll lose more weight.

You might think that multitasking will help you lose weight but you couldn't be more wrong. When you multitask you stop focusing on things including when you eat. This can make you reach for unhealthy foods in a hurry to make up for a missed meal. Just slow down and take your time.

#4 Try eating healthy snacks to lose more weight.

Instead of eating more at mealtime eat more in between meals. The only catch is that you need to eat healthier foods. If you wait to eat the traditional 3 meals a day, by the time you reach each meal you might be feeling very hungry which will cause you to overeat. Just eat healthy snacks in between to avoid this. Keeps foods like nuts and fruit on you at all times so you can snack on them when you need to.


#5 Eat spicier foods to lose more weight.

If you love hot and spicy foods like I do then you are in luck. Those same super hot foods can give you a temporary metabolism boost that helps you burn more calories. Isn't that awesome? Add some spice to your life.