Baba Vanga Made Terrifying Predictions For 2024

By Abdul Rafay in News On 29th November 2023
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Every year is filled with hope, but if Baba Vanga's forecasts for 2024 are accurate, there are a few disasters we should definitely get ready for.

Even though the Bulgarian mystic passed away in 1996, many of her predictions have come true.


Vanga has been attributed over the years for foreseeing a number of significant events, such as the collapse of the Soviet Union, the 9/11 attacks, and the Chernobyl disaster.

She even seemed to have a talent for foretelling the future this year, as she was said to have predicted solar activity that would affect Earth.

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When NASA discovered a sunspot in August that may cause solar flares and "coronal mass ejections" of solar plasma, which could affect local power systems, the forecast appeared to have come true, at least in part.

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Although there aren't many documented accounts of Baba Vanga's predictions, it's evident that many people are still in agreement with her powers as time goes on and she continues to be given credit.

In light of this, Vanga expects the following events in 2024:


Assassination Attempts

Astrofame reported Baba's prediction that someone from Russia would assassinate President Vladimir Putin next year.

The Kremlin has consistently dismissed rumors of Putin having cancer and has rejected assertions about his declining health.

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Terrorist Attacks Will Increase In Europe

Baba made predictions regarding destructive weapons. She says that next year, a "big country" will test or launch biological weapons attacks.

She also said that there would be an attack in Europe by terrorists.

Huge Economic Crisis

In the coming year, the world economy will be affected by a massive economic disaster according to Baba.

She cited a number of causal elements, including rising debt levels, escalating geopolitical unrest, and the East's growing economic dominance over the West.


Terrifying Climate Events

There will be horrifying weather conditions and catastrophic calamities in the upcoming year, according to her vision.

It is predicted that there will be a shift in orbit, which typically occurs gradually.

On the other hand, if this occurs quickly, it can cause problems including exposure to radiation and climate change.

Cyber Attacks

The mystic predicted an increase in cyberattacks because advanced hackers will target critical infrastructure, such as water treatment facilities and electrical grids, directly.

She said it would result in a danger to national security.


Medical Breakthroughs

According to Baba, there will be new cures for incurable diseases like Alzheimer's, which is encouraging news in the medical profession.

2024 will see the development of a cancer cure, she added.


Tech Revolutions

According to, the clairvoyant predicted that quantum computing would see a significant breakthrough.

According to reports, quantum computing is developing quickly and potentially resolving problems more quickly than conventional computers.

AI will advance much faster if this does occur the next year.