Baby Flamingo Tries Hard To Be Adult, Becomes Internet Star

Posted by Editorial Staff in Nature and Travel On 5th July 2017

It's rare that you'll meet a bird species that isn't beautiful, except maybe for a vulture, but that's mainly because they're super scary. But birds are adorbs, especially when they're still tiny babies trying to figure out how this little thing called life actually works.

Just ask one adorable baby flamingo who is desperately trying to do what a regular adult flaming can do, and it's so cute your insides will melt. But what makes this furry little creature even more lovable is the fact that he's trying to stand on one leg, and his journey will warm your heart right up.

#1 If you’ve ever wondered what a baby flamingo looks like, here it is

In these adorable images, the little baby flamingo is trying its hardest to act like an adult flamingo.



He's currently living in Pittsburgh's National Aviary and he's enchanting visitors with its cuteness as well as people across the globe through the internet.

#3 He's not just fluffy; he's extremely leggy too.

We all know that flamingos grow up to become pink and they also stand on one leg. Well, this white fluffy bird may have to wait for his coat to turn pink, but standing on one leg, that's easy peasy... or is it?


#4 Most babies have to deal with figuring out how to stand on two legs without falling.

This baby flamingo has mastered the art of walking on two legs, but now he has to learn how to stand on one leg.

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