Baby Girl Born With Silver Eyes Finally Gets Adopted By A Loving Family

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Eryn and Chris decided to adopt Primrose after reading about her condition and after collecting the money the couple flew all across to China to bring Primrose back with them. It's been almost one month now since Primrose moved in with her new family and her adoptive mom gave her a heartfelt tribute in an emotional letter.


#1 Born With Congenital Glaucoma And Also Hearing Issues

Primrose, an adorable baby girl born in China has congenital glaucoma which turned the girl's eyes completely silver. For first 25 months, Primrose was not treated and the poor girl was in constant pain and irritation because of her condition. In addition to this, Primrose was also diagnosed with a hearing problem which meant that in addition to not seeing properly she could also not hear properly.

Following her diagnosis, Primrose was abandoned by her mother and was sent to the orphanage.


#2 Primrose Was Abandoned By Her Mother Because Of Her Condition

Going through the toughest period of her life, Primrose was left all alone in the orphanage, she was not allowed to drink from a bottle and was spending her time without love and care from anyone.

While at the other side of the world, Eryn was living a happy life with her husband Chris and two children. At a random day, Eryn was scrolling through her Facebook newsfeed and she came across a post regarding Primrose and her heart cried reading about the girl's condition. Something told her that Primrose deserved a better family and love.


#3 Eryn And Chris Flew All Across To China To Bring Primrose Back With Them To Their Home

Making a firm decision, Eryn and her family flew all across to China to give Primrose a happy family. Eryn and Chris first struggled to collect money for the adoption. Upon reaching the orphanage home, they found Primrose in a very bad condition, she was feverish and very weak. They were worried that if the child would be able to make it back home. Despite her condition, Primrose proved to be a fighter and she pulled through her sick condition and recovered her strength to go home with her new loving family.


#4 Eryn Wrote A Heartfelt Letter For Her Beautiful Daughter Primrose

Primrose has now been living with her adoptive parents and siblings for over a month now and her new mom, Eryn has given a beautiful tribute to the new addition of their family, "These are mama eyes that only shut for 4 hours last night. And hands that held and patted a baby’s back for 45 minutes straight just to constantly remind her ‘Someone is here.’ A heart that is sure she is screwing up somehow at least 1,000,000 times a day. A head full of questions, anxiety, and fear. She is a mess. A total mess. And life is flipped on its very head because…"

"Primrose Lin."

"This is a baby who, just 38 days ago, didn’t know the comfort of being held most of the day. She didn’t know that someone would come to her when she called out in her sweet baby language. She didn’t know that she could eat from a bottle without breathing the liquid straight into her tiny lungs. She had no idea that a big sister could cuddle you better than anyone and a big brother could tickle you into fits of giggles."

#5 Primrose Now Have A Parents And Siblings Who Have Got Her Back!

Eryn in her emotional letter wrote that she and Chris have seen Primrose fighting for her life and struggling in the hospitals in a very bad condition. But she should not be worried anymore because now she has got parents who will watch out her back and won't leave her ever, "This is a baby who, just 38 days ago, got a mama and a daddy. Whom she cannot see or fully hear. Whom she doesn’t totally understand. Who took her away from everything she knew, however bleak that reality was, and planted her straight in the middle of a crazy whirlwind of a family. A mama and daddy who watched her fight for her life, who wept tears over her feverish body, who fought through third world hospitals and pretended to be brave – because… that’s what mamas and daddies do. We move in the face of all the fear because of our kids, don’t we?"


#6 She Is Safe Now At Her New Home

Primrose's journey of living a healthy life is still very long, but now she has parents who are there to comfort her and wipe her tears and loving siblings who are there to hold her hand when she is in pain. Most importantly she knows that now she is at a safe home.


#7 Primrose Is Slowly Learning To Gain Her Trust And Love Back

According to Chris and Eryn, Primrose has spent so much time in isolation and without love that she finds it really hard to trust anyone. But slowly, step by step, she is opening up to her new family and accepting their love. This means there is hope that Primrose finally after all the struggle would be able to live a happy and loving life with her family.