Baby Suffers From Severe Chemical Burns After Mom Leaves Dehumidifier Too Close To The Crib

Posted by Sama in Heartbreaking On 2nd February 2018

Baby Logan burned his body after he spilled oil from a dehumidifier, causing severe chemicals burns. Jessica Stoker, 20 shaken by her son's near-death experience took to social media to beware moms of dangerous consequences of keeping dehumidifier near their child's bed. Stoker also called out the company in her post for not having a clear warning on the product and endangering her child's life due to their careless behavior.

#1 Crib Covered In Greasy Oil

Jessica Stoker, 20 woke up in the middle of the night hearing cries of her 16-month old baby boy. Worried, mom went to her son's room and she was horrified to find his crib covered in greasy substance. She immediately spotted a dehumidifier that is kept on the windowsill near her baby's crib.


#2 Logan Doused In Oil

To her utmost horror, the child somehow was able to grab the dehumidifier from his crib and spilt the oil on himself. It wasn't until Stoker saw her son's crib doused in oil that she realized dehumidifiers apart from water also contain oil.

#3 Severe Chemical Burns

Baby Martin's wailing cries were increasing with time and the tensed parents immediately rushed him to the hospital where the doctor told them their child has got severe chemical burns from the oil. The 20-year old mother took to social media to raise awareness about the dangers of keeping dehumidifier close to their child's crib and warn the mom of its scary consequences.


#4 80% Of Body Burnt

Stoker says her child is now at home and recovering but because of the horrifying incident her son's 80% of the body is burnt and he is in a lot of pain. Her Facebook post read, "I heard Logan crying and went in to see if he was okay. At first, I thought he might just be having a whinge because he's always a bit groggy when he wakes up but he was really wet. I thought maybe his nappy had leaked but when I picked him up my hands were getting itchy. He was soaked with this greasy, oily liquid."

"I quickly started taking his clothes off and when I saw his skin was like 'oh my god'. He was completely red raw all over. He looked like he'd been burnt - like a really, really bad sunburn. Then I saw the dehumidifier in his bed. The only thing I can think happen is that he managed to pull it down off the windowsill overnight."

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