Bad Actors Who Keep Getting Cast In Good Movies

By Michael Avery in Entertainment On 23rd August 2015


Ben Stiller has had some hilarious roles in good movies, like Zoolander, Tropic Thunder, and the original Night at the Museum. But we think Stiller's new approach, releasing as many movies as he can in a year, is taking its toll, as we can't remember his last commendable role. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? Awful with Stiller, better with another actor. Tower Heist? Awful with Stiller, better with another actor. Luckily, Stiller has quit acting to become a full time director.


Gerard Butler is an absolutely atrocious actor. Sure, he has a couple of great movies under his belt, like 300 and Law Abiding Citizen. But, the bad movies definitely outweigh the good ones. Timeline would've been better had someone else played his role, and Gamer would have been a much better film had it not been for Butler's stale performance. We're not sure if it's the fact that Butler has the same haircut in all of his films or what, but he has to stop appearing in otherwise great movies.

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When you talk about an actor playing the same role in every movie, the first name that comes to mind is Mark Wahlberg and his Boston tough guy routine. My dear god it's as if he can't be anything but himself. We get it, Markie Mark: you were born in Boston and you love Boston. But there have been a ton of movies that would have been much better without Mark playing the lead role: Max Payne, The Other Guys (Will Ferrell is funny, Wahlberg is not), and The Happening (which was a great story, but his role in the movie was poorly done). We will note that Lone Survivor is the, well, lone movie of his that's actually any good.


The only Ice Cube role ever worth appreciating was Friday opposite Chris Tucker. Ice Cube tends to be typecast in all of his movies, playing the angry black cop or angry black man that's too cool for school. 21 Jump Street and especially 22 Jump Street would have been better movies without the cliche angry black cop played by Ice Cube. xXx: State of the Union saw Ice Cube on the same screen with Samuel L. Jackson and Willem Dafoe. Let's be serious Ice Cube doesn't belong there. He maybe gets a pass for Barbershop, but he's pretty much unbearable in the majority of his movies.

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Kristen Stewart is a prime example of a bad actor being cast in otherwise good movies. Snow White and the Huntsman probably would've been a much better movie, had it not been for Stewart playing the leading role. There was also Adventureland, which starred Jesse Eisenberg and Ryan Reynolds, but Stewart in her role as Em Lewin just wasn't a believable character. I can't speak on any of the Twilight movies, because, well I've never seen them (and never will), but I hear she butchered her role in those also.


Jude Law in Repo Men is another example of when a bad actor ruins an otherwise great movie. The concept of the movie is great, but Jude Law just isn't believable in his role. But, this isn't the only movie Law has ruined. The Talented Mr. Ripley would have been better off without Law, too. Stick to the romantic comedies, Law, because we hardly watch those anyway. And, it's not just movies he's ruining, as we've just learned that Law will be playing an Italian-American pope for an upcoming HBO series. Yikes.


Vin Diesel is so dull on camera. He has one face, one voice, and one character that he always plays. Aside from his roles in Boiler Room and Knockaround Guys, which both required the tough guy persona Vin Diesel always puts on, he has been pretty awful in just about everything he has starred in. He's a cheeseball in the Fast & Furious movies, not even remotely funny in The Pacifier (although, granted, that movie would have sucked anyway), and unremarkable in A Man Apart (which would've been a great film). Vin Diesel's best role is easily Groot, and that's because he doesn't say much.