Bahamas Closes Its Ports And Airports For Americans, Keeps It Open For Other Countries

By Samantha in Nature On 22nd July 2020

#1 Banning Americans from visiting the country after seeing spike in COVID-19 cases

The Bahamas have announced to shut down its borders to visitors from America after witnessing a spike in COVID-19 cases. In a national address, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced that he would be closing all airports and seaports to tourists after the number of new coronavirus cases in the country increased by 15 on Sunday.

Dr. Minnis said that new restrictions would stop all outgoing flights to the U.S. as of Wednesday but visitors from the European Union, Canada, and UK would still be permitted to visit the country.


#2 'My government has consulted heavily with health officials'

The announcement comes less than 3 weeks after the Caribbean country opened its borders to allow visitors from other nations.

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In his speech, Dr. Minnis said: 'So today, I am announcing a number of measures we are reinstating to address the number of new cases we are seeing here at home. My government has consulted heavily with health officials.

'We are taking these strong actions to save lives. I understand the frustration and the disappointment of many Bahamians and residents that may ensue as we reimplement certain restrictions, but as a country, we have to do what is right and what is necessary.

'If we do not take these measures now we will pay a higher price and deadlier price at a later date. At the onset, of the Covid-19 pandemic, we acted early to prevent widespread sickness and death. We must do so once again.'

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#3 'It has deteriorated at an exponential rate since we reopened our international borders.'

He further added, 'Regrettably, the situation here at home has already deteriorated since we began the reopening of our domestic economy. It has deteriorated at an exponential rate since we reopened our international borders.'

Under new announcements, commercial flights carrying passengers from the U.S will not be permitted to enter the Bahamas from Wednesday midnight.


Visitors from other countries will be allowed to enter the country if they show proof of a negative RT-PCR Covid-19 test result from an accredited lab.

The test must be taken no later than ten days before the date of travel.rove


#4 The country's total number of cases currently are 153

Those who are also returning to the Bahamas also need to provide the test results. While those who are seeking domestic traveling will be required to complete an electronic Health Visa before they depart.

On Sunday, the island nation recorded 15 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 153.

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