Balenciaga's $1,290 'T-Shirt Shirt' Has Twitter Deeply Confused

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Fashion On 6th June 2018

The luxury brand Balenciaga may have taken things a step too far with one of their latest designs. Once word broke out that Balenciaga has pretty must lost its darn mind.


Balenciaga T-Shirt Shirt

luxury brand Balenciaga may have taken things a step too far with one of their latest designs causing a stir online with new "T-shirt shirt," designed for its Fall 2018 collection.

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The French fashion brand 'Balenciaga' is the same high-fashion brand that gave us the $2,145 version of Ikea’s $0.99 blue bag and a leather skirt that looks like a car mat.


The t-shirt shirt is exactly what the title suggests:

A t-shirt with a long-sleeved buttoned shirt pinned to the front. It has "two wearing options", which result in either a draped effect on the front or back of the piece. Wear the button-front shirt with the T-shirt hanging from the back, so one could look unnecessarily weird at casual as well as dressier events.


It costs $1,290. Yes, $1,290.

The "attention seeking design" of the t-shirt, which retails for $1,290, has left many online commentators baffled.

The Guardian deemed the luxury offering "ridiculous".

The brand has been trolling customers since Demna Gvasalia was appointed as the creative director in 2015, claimed Guardian.

Unconventional Balenciaga products

A Twitter user has created a thread featuring several unconventional Balenciaga products, including a shopping bag worth £1,280, a shirt that’s been combined with a plastic film for £735 and a jacket that’s been drastically pulled to one side that’s available for £1,775.

"I thought this Balenciaga shirt was a joke. It's real and it's $1,290."


"Balenciaga's shirt on shirts. Whut."

"That Balenciaga shirt is the ugliest effing shirt I've ever seen."

"Yo, I thought this shit was fake but......."


"I’d like to think I understand high fashion and have no problem shelling out some cash for Gucci, LV, etc., but this...?"

"When you can’t choose between two favorite shirts: Double Shirt."