Before And After Drug Use Pictures That Will Make You Want To Stay Drug Free

Posted by Michael Avery in Heartbreaking On 27th January 2018

Drugs destroy the lives of everyone around them. The users and their families suffer at the hands of these terrible substances. If you have ever considered using drugs please look at these images of what they do to people. Hopefully, it will make you see that it's not worth it.


#1 What a drastic change.

In just 8 short months this woman looks completely different. You can see the lesions and sores on her face along with the bags under her eyes. It's a sad transformation.


#2 A life wasted.

In the 10 years between these two pictures, a promising young life has been completely destroyed thanks to drug abuse. It's a sad story that plays out every day across America.


#3 It's like something out of a horror movie.

You would think the woman in these photos had turned into some kind of walking dead zombie but alas, this isn't a Hollywood production. Years of abusing drugs have basically turned this woman into a monster.

#4 It doesn't take long at all to have a permanent effect.

In 3 years this woman's face has been altered irrevocably. It looks as if she had a stroke as well which is common for repeated drug abusers. Eventually, your body can't take anymore and gives out.

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