Before Leaving For College Son Leaves Hidden Love Notes All Over The House For His Mother

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 20th January 2018

Cheryl Gottlieb Boxer received love notes containing sweet messages from her son. Cheryl took to social media to share her proud moment with the world and people responded her back with their own fair share of stories with similar experiences.


#1 Parents Are A Blessing From God

Just like children are considered as a gift for parents, similarly, parents are also a blessing to them. This is something children often take for granted in life and don't realize the importance of this blessing. But this young man surely knows the importance of his parents in his life and made sure to point it out to them.


#2 Dropping Son Off At College

Cheryl Gottlieb Boxer was preparing herself to send her son off to college in fall for the second semester but Cheryl never knew that saying goodbye the second time is harder than the first time.

She dropped her son off at the train station and returned back to empty home with a heavy heart.


#3 Finding Hidden Love Notes At Home

Soon after he left, Cheryl started feeling her son's absence and her house felt almost barren without his presence. Still trying to adjust herself to the new routine without her son, Cheryl says she started finding love notes from her son all over the house, hidden away at places where he knew she was bound to find them.

The notes contained sweet messages, reminding Cheryl to take care of herself or how beautiful she is.

#4 Receiving Love From Online Community

Cheryl took to Facebook to share her lovely story and within a day of posting, she received an immense response from all the parents who showed Cheryl their love and reminded her that she is a lucky person. People also shared their stories of similar experiences.


#5 Missing Her Son

She wrote, "Today we dropped our son off at the train station to return to college for the spring semester of his freshman year.I returned home and found the house too quiet. I missed his chatter, his guitar music and video games. Every corner of the house felt barren in his absence."

#6 She Was Afraid Each Note She Find Is The Last

"And then I started finding notes. Everywhere. He left me notes in all the places he knows I’ll find them. “Have a nice bath” on the edge of the bath tub. You look beautiful” on the mirror of my medicine cabinet. “I love you” inside my coffee maker."

"Finding these notes has made me so happy. And I keep finding more. Each note I find I’m afraid is the last, but then I find another. When he called me with a travel update I asked him why he left them, and he told me because he doesn’t want me to forget him. As if that’s possible. I assume by now he has found the note I left inside the dinner I packed for him. "Be careful and I love you." Because I don’t want him to forget me either."

#7 Sharing Their Own Experiences

People were deeply moved by Cheryl's story and took to the comments section to share their own stories. One woman said that her daughter did the same when she was leaving for college. Even though her daughter has graduated for long and is living at home, she has still not removed them.

Another woman wrote, "Such a sweet gesture. Before I was good about texting I would write notes to the family when they were away for long weekends."

#8 Family Is A Blessing

Sharing their own happiness and reminiscing the beautiful past, everyone started sharing their stories thus, reminding us that "family is indeed a blessing."