Bizarre Facts That Will Make You Say WTF

Posted by Michael Avery in Facts and DIY On 18th May 2018

We live in a strange world full of strange occurrences. If you don't think so, just check out these facts. I promise you will change your tune.

#1 This guy needs to be caught.

For 10 years now, a mystery man has been going around pooping in golf holes in Norway. WTF is wrong with people?


#2 That thing about nipples.

Apparently, the ancient Irish had a thing for nipples. They had a particularly brutal way of deposing of a dethroned monarch.

#3 Why did it have to be snails?

If you do a google search for snails fighting knights you will come up with hundreds of ancient drawings depicting the two doing battle. The thing is, nobody can figure out why the hell they were made.


#4 Well that seems pointless.

This is a pretty stupid thing done in America. If someone is going to be killed anyway why should it matter how healthy they are? That's just a waste of taxpayers dollars.

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