Bizarre Medical Practices Of Past That Will Make You Appreciate The Modern Medicine More And More

Posted by Sama in Bizarre On 9th March 2020

After reading these bizarre medical practices of the past, you will feel relieved that you were not born in the early centuries.


#1 Smoking for treating asthma?

In the early 19th and 20th century when the damaging effects of nicotine on health were still foreign, smoking was used for not only recreational purposes but also for treating various health conditions and as ridiculous as it sounds it was also used for treating asthma!


#2 Heroin for cough

In an effort, to discover drug similar to morphine only less potent and less effective, heroin was discovered. Only the case here was that heroin was the opposite here. It was twice as potent as morphine.

From 1898 through 1910, it was prescribed to treat cough and other health conditions. The cough syrup continued to be available in the market as a morphine substitute but it soon it became the reason for one of the highest rate of addiction amongst the public.


#3 Meth for weight loss

Discovered by a Japanese chemist in 1893, meth was not only used for treating asthma and narcolepsy but also was also used for weight loss purposes.

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