Blake Lively Unfollowed Ryan Reynolds And Deleted Her Instagram Account Leaving Us With Some Serious Questions

Posted by Sama in Entertainment On 3rd May 2018

Blake Lively has recently deleted her account and has unfollowed her star-studded husband Ryan Reynolds on social media, making us wonder if another power couple of Hollywood is going towards divorce.


#1 Another "Power Couple" Divorcing?

Known as the most celebrated couple in Hollywood for their fairytale romance and ideal marriage, the love life of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively might be in danger as recently it has come to notice that the "Age of Adaline" actress Blake Lively has unfollowed her husband Ryan Reynolds on social media and along with it she has deleted all her posts and pictures making us believe that there is something fishy going on.


#2 There Is A Catch!

But before you jump to any conclusions, here is the catch, the 34 lucky people who Lively is following on her account are all some lucky people named Emily Nelson, yep you heard that correct. All those 34 people are named the same. Also with 20.4 million followers and zero posts, Lively has changed her biopic to "What happened to Emily?"

So one thing is clear the stint that Lively pulled on us and which nearly broke our hearts is actually a publicity stunt done for the sake of her upcoming movie "A Simple Favor."


#3 A Big Round Of Applause For Lively's Marketing Team For Coming Up With Such An Epic Attention Grabbing Publicity Stunt

Well, we ought to give the actress some credit for this new and attention-grabbing stunt which sure as hell worked and led to a media frenzy in a matter of just a couple of hours. "A Simple Favor" is a mystery thriller movie that revolves around the disappearance of Emily Nelson, a character played by Lively and her best friend Stephanie, who is a mummy blogger, a role played by Anna Kendrick starts her search to hunt down her friend.

#4 Kendrick's Account Is Well And Functioning Properly

Okay, so you might be interested to know that Kendrick's Instagram account is well and functioning properly. Also to let you know, the Emily Nelson's who have been followed by Lively are real people and not some fake accounts. Confused and excited, one of the Emily Nelson posted on her Twitter, "Does anyone want to tell me why Blake Lively followed me and had this as a bio. Goodbye, cruel world some hacker is anti-Emily, my time has come :-)."

Another Twitter user felt cursed for not being named Emily Nelson by her parents and missing the chance of being followed by a celebrity, she wrote, "Tempted to change my name to Emily Nelson, so I can get a follow from Blake Lively. Lol,"


#5 Reynold's Has Responded To The News In His Typical Deadpool Style

The "Deadpool" star, Ryan Reynolds today responded to the news of his wife unfollowing him on social media and creating a hype, Reynolds gave a new interview with Australian radio program Smallzy's Surgery. Trust Reynolds to turn every situation into a light-hearted joke, the Marvel hero said, "Yes, she did. I'm very sad about that. Definitely stinks. It's a terrible way to find out that I've been kicked out of the house, to be honest. Absolutely terrible. I don't know where rage like that comes from."

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