Blogger Mom Takes To Social Media To Talk About The 'Invisible Workload Of Motherhood'

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 16th June 2018

Blogger mom, Pepler makes it real and talk about the stuff which is ignored mostly. In her article written for website Urban Moms, Pepler writes about all the invisible house chores that mothers are responsible for and the workload that comes along with it.


#1 Motherhood, A Blessing

Motherhood is a beautiful blessing and there is no feeling in the world that can beat that moment when you first held your child. Though motherhood comes with all those beautiful feelings and amazing memories it also comes with its own invisible workload, one which no one talks about and is mostly taken for granted by not only the world but also by the family members most often.


#2 Real Workload That Moms Have To Deal With From Sunrise Till Bedtime

A Canadian blogger mom, Erin Pepler takes to social media to talk about the real workload that moms have to face and is usually treated as invisible. Moms are not only responsible for their little ones but have to look after the laundry, doing the dirty nappies, keeping the house clean, keeping in track all the appointments, remembering all the school events and shuttling the kids back and forth to school and dozens of other chores.


#3 All Those Invisible Chores That Moms Do And Which Always Gets Unnoticed

In her article piece 'Invisible Workload Of Motherhood' for website Urban Moms, Pepler briefly laid out the list of all the small things that moms do and which gets unnoticed always. The article read, "Ask any mom about the invisible workload of motherhood and she knows exactly what you’re talking about. It’s the things we do for our families that are necessary but go completely unnoticed. The endless list of small tasks that would only ever draw attention if they didn’t happen. The mental weight of doing it all, remembering it all, feeling every emotion in your family and worrying, constantly."

#4 This Never Ending Workload At Times Becomes Tiring And Stressful Mentally

Listing all the chores that though look very small but when combined together with the workload, everything just becomes more tiring mentally and who can forget all the hassle we go through in our minds until the chore is completely done. She explains, "It’s noticing that maple syrup has spilled in the back of the fridge and silently cleaning it up, tossing out an old salad dressing and some uneaten pasta as you go. The invisible workload carries over to the pile of school forms and birthday party invitations on the counter, the lunch bag that needs replacing and the school shoes that are getting too small."


#5 It's The Lifestory Of Every Other Mom

Pepler says the list may be somewhat different for each mom but in the end, it is all the same, from changing the wardrobes in each season to changing toilet papers rolls in the washroom, this is the life story of every other mom, "The list looks somewhat different to everyone, but it never ends. Sometimes, it’s about stocking the cupboards with toilet paper, dish soap, paper towels, shampoo, and toothpaste. Other times, it’s why a new kettle appears when the old one breaks, or a babysitter shows up on date night. It’s buying and wrapping the presents for those birthday parties, knowing the names of the kids and parents at the party, and understanding which kid your child is avoiding and why."

She added, "Whether your day is spent working outside the house or at home with a young family, it’s likely that you’re busy as hell and being pulled in five different directions at any given moment. Your mornings are chaos and your 9-5 is either spent in an office or with your lovable yet incredibly demanding offspring. Then there’s dinner, maybe homework, bedtime routine, and finally, free time . . . which you’ll use mostly to care for others,” she explains."

#6 The Article Was Not Written To Degrade Any Person Or Any Position

Talking to a local site, Pepler says that she didn't write the piece to undermine any job or to degrade anyone, it was just personal experience and some build up of emotion that she wrote the article. Pepler says most of the people misinterpreted her words and labelled her husband as the kind of person who does not help his family in doing these chores and stuff, she said, "No particular event provoked the article – just a build up of feelings and comments. It’s an important topic and I meant every word. The one thing I regret about the article is that a lot of people interpreted it to mean that my husband is sort of useless."