The Tragic Story Of Valerie Tindall Whose Body Was Found In Neighbor's Yard After A 6-month Search For Missing Teen

By Abdul Rafay in News On 3rd December 2023
Patrick Scott, 59, has been charged with murder in connection to Valerie's case Credit: Rush County Jail

The 17-year-old Valerie Tindall has been missing for six months after her last sighting on June 7.

According to The Sun, on November 28, a barrel containing human bones was found buried beneath a pile of debris in her neighbor Patrick Scott's yard.


Although they are awaiting the coroner's report, the Rush County Sheriff's Department has not yet stated if the remains are Tindall's.

After the corpse was found, Scott, 59, who had previously been considered a person of interest, was taken into custody and accused of murder.

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Valerie Tindall was last seen on June 7 Credit: Facebook

Rushville County Sheriff Allan Rice stated during a press conference on November 29 that he was being held at the Rush County Jail.

Tindall was last spotted with Scott, who also hired her for his lawn care company, according to USA Today.


In the previous six months, law enforcement agents had utilized more than 50 search warrants to examine the accused's property.

The human remains in issue were apparently found on the land less than a hundred yards from the backdoor of the Tindall family home, according to the Rush County Sheriff's Department.

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In a conversation with Fox59, Shena Sandefur, the victim's mother, mentioned that someone heard Scott informing Tindall about his plan to take her to Indianapolis for lunch on the day she went missing.

“We moved away from Indy to get away from violence. And we moved across the street from her predator,” the distraught mother told the outlet.

Scott behaved like a "jealous boyfriend" toward Tindall, according to Sandefur. It is said that he even tracked her phone.

Additionally, the victim and Scott's granddaughter were friends.


Scott was accused of providing misleading information to investigators back in late June.

It was said that he was caught lying and was unable to maintain his account of events on his most recent meeting with Tindall.

Eventually, the murder suspect stated that he had dropped Tindall off in Homer, which is a town approximately five miles south of Arlington.

Then, he said, she got into a car with an unidentified man.


The case raises questions about the dynamics between Tindall and Scott, underscoring the vulnerability of individuals, especially the young.

The ongoing investigation highlights the collective responsibility to prioritize safety, especially for the vulnerable in society. 


The community fervently hopes for closure and justice in this distressing situation.

The unfolding events emphasize the critical need for heightened awareness and protective measures to safeguard vulnerable members of society.