Bodycam Footage Captures Heart-Stopping Moment NYPD Officers Rescue Man Who Fell On Subway Tracks

By Haider Ali in News On 7th November 2023
Credit: NYPD

Over the weekend, a guy fell onto subway lines in New York City and was fortunately saved by alert police officers.

Bodycam footage captured the selfless deed that allowed the person to return to the station ahead of a train.

During the weekend, the bodycam footage was posted to the New York Police Department's Facebook page.

“Last night, Officer Valle and Canarte from NYPD 45 Precinct were patrolling the subway platforms in Elmhurst when they saw a straphanger fall onto the tracks,” the video caption read.

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Credit: NYPD

“Without hesitation, they raced to him, and with help from good Samaritans, pulled him to safety before the train arrived.”

"Watch their amazing rescue on their bodycam footage.”

In the clip, the officers are seen waiting at the platform.

They quickly go to help the man back up on the platform by cooperating.

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Medical staff were called to the station after the event, and the man—a 23-year-old resident of the Bronx—was transferred to NYC Health and Hospitals/Elmhurst in an ambulance in stable condition, according to ABC 7.

The reason behind the man's fall onto the subway tracks is unclear from the footage, though.

Additionally, at this same time last year, a different NYPD police officer received recognition for acting quickly in a comparable situation.

A policeman jumped on the rails at the 6 train station on Lexington and East 116th Street on Thursday, November 24, to save a 40-year-old man who had fallen. 

The individual received minor injury treatment at the hospital after being transferred there.

Furthermore, a number of social media users have complimented the police for their "outstanding" deeds, stressing the significance of drawing attention to their "unnoticed" efforts.

“It's important to recognize and celebrate acts of courage and selflessness by Officer Valle, Officer Canarte, and the good samaritans involved." one Facebook user wrote.

"Their quick thinking and teamwork undoubtedly saved a life.”

“We're proud to have individuals like these in our communities, ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone around them.”

“NYC would cease to function without the NYPD. NYC Politicians need to get their priorities right." someone else said.

"They need to give these incredibly brave men and women the support they need to do this extremely dangerous and difficult work if they want the greatest city in the world to remain great.”

Another user also added: “This is what they do every day and goes mostly unnoticed.”

"Excellent job Officers.”