Boss Mistakenly Turns On The Potato Filter During Home-Based Video Conference Call Meeting, Conducts The Whole Meeting Talking Like A Potato

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Lizet Ocampo may be the only boss in history who conducted a very serious meeting looking like a life-sized talking potato (in the literal meaning). It is definitely commendable for her colleagues here that they managed to keep straight face during the meeting.



With the COVID-19 pandemic taking a toll on our lives, it has also become a part of our work life. Because of the situation of lockdown and quarantine, people around the world are forced to work from their homes. That being said, because of this work of home situation, incidents of video call conferences have also become very common these days.

Last week we saw a video of a lady taking conference call to her washroom without switching off her camera, while there was a woman who introduced her scantily dressed boyfriend to the world in a not so graceful manner. Even though these accidents are embarrassing but given the current situation of anxiety and frustration, these incidents come as a breather for everyone and give us a chance to laugh again.



Recently the Political Director at an American Advocacy group found herself making a mistake of her own. Lizet Ocampo while on an important meeting with her colleagues mistakenly turned on the potato filter.

The lady, unfortunately, did not know how to turn off the settings so she was basically stuck in the potato filter sitting there looking like a helpless potato. Lizet had to conduct the whole meeting as a talking potato.



Her employee Rachele Clegg seized the opportunity to roast - or in this case, fry - her boss on Twitter, capturing the hilarious moment.

"My boss turned herself into a potato on our Microsoft teams meeting and can't figure out how to turn the setting off, so she was just stuck like this the entire meeting," she captioned the screenshot.



Ever since its posting on Tuesday, the hilarious picture has gone viral over social media. Even Microsoft Teams, the provider of the video call, replied to her post, saying it was "TOO FUNNY!"


Lizet even joined twitter to respond to the jokes and puns made on her behalf.

"I yam potato boss," she joked, adding, "I yam glad this is making folks laugh at this time."

Ocampo also took her newfound platform for internet fame to spread a health message amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

"Please stay planted at home and safe! Potate out," she signed off.