Boy, 8, Lovingly Takes Care of His Great-Grandparents Who Lost All Their Kids & Raised Him since He Was a Baby

By Abdul Rafay in Feel Good Published On 21st January 2023

A Caring Grandson

Grandparents taking over as the main caretakers is a common phenomenon, whereas grandchildren taking over as their grandparents' carers is a rare one. In Australia, a young pre-teen who had been raised by his great-grandparents since he was a baby decided to take care of them.

Julie and John believed they had finished having children at the ages of 72 and 63, respectively. But in 2012, they were given custody of their great-grandson Liam, who was only a few months old at the time.


For their adorable boy, who brought light to their worlds, the couple would do everything. Julie gushed when describing her adorable grandson: "He was a beautiful little baby, and I was so happy to have him."

Over time, though, Julie and John understood they would need to rely on Liam in the same manner he had in the past. Liam, now 10, has assisted them ever since he was eight years old, even though they are still capable of doing things on their own.

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Helping Grandparents In Daily Tasks

Liam grew up delightedly helping his "dad" and "ninny" with daily tasks. When his ninny is unable to complete a task at home, he assists her by doing anything from watering the plants to grocery shopping to checking the mail to caring for their dogs and preparing tea.


Liam frequently already understands what to do and doesn't require instruction, says Julie with pride. His ninny said, "He's a very smart, capable little boy.”

Liam never causes his great-grandparents to worry about anything. He even plans everything he needs for school on his own and gets ready without seeking assistance.

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Learning to Be Independent

Beyond the regular chores, Liam also likes to prepare meals for the family. He enjoys making pasta, pancakes, and toasted sandwiches among other foods. Julie gushed about how her darling boy would always make her toast at breakfast.

In addition to performing well academically, Liam was awarded a scholarship from a famous Toowoomba school.

Source: Kidspot

 Julie and John, who both rely on pensions, find the scholarship to be of great assistance.

The elderly couple acknowledges that raising a child at their stage of life is challenging because they are unable to give him the things they would like. "Finding the extra dollar for things that we would like to give him and places to take him because he deserves it has been the hardest thing," Julie admitted.


#7 Blessed with Liam's Presence

Julie and John are so proud of Liam because he has continued to be loving, kind, and nice to everyone he meets despite their humble way of life. Having lost all three of their children as adults, they find comfort in the fact that their great-grandson is still with them.

Although they are becoming older, Julie does not want her great-grandson to feel "tied down" to them. But even though Liam currently resides with them and will do so for the foreseeable future, she is appreciative of all his assistance.

The proud great-grandmother is inspired to get out of bed every morning because she looks forward to seeing Liam.

Boy Who Cares for His Elderly Neighbors

Like Liam, a young man devoted most of his free time to his older neighbors, seeking to assist them whenever feasible with their everyday responsibilities. Romemylion Mitchell warmed many people's hearts when they learned that he had a close relationship with his elderly neighbors, who finally took a shine to him.

Trent and Cianne Joyner were across the street from Romemylion, who would contact them daily to see how they were doing. Without expecting anything in return, he voluntarily mowed their lawn, accompanied them to the grocery store, and performed other deeds of kindness.


Tiki Joyner Edwards, Trent and Cianne's daughter, didn't live with them, but she visited occasionally and learned what Romemylion had been doing for her parents. When she posted his story on Facebook, she made the following decision that touched the hearts of thousands of people:

"I just want to take a moment and recognize this sweet fella that lives across the street from my parents. He checks on them every day and has grown to love and care for them deeply."

Inspiration For Others

When Romemylion was able to visit Cianne in the hospital, he cried and hugged her. He remained at her side, demonstrating to her how much he loved her. Romemylion is a shining example of the good that still exists in the world and an inspiration to many people on how to treat others well.

These two boys are able to enjoy their lives to the fullest to the end by providing care for the elderly.