Boy Rushed To Hospital After ‘Facebook VR Headset Swelled His Eyes Shut’

Posted by Abdul Rafay in News On 5th January 2022

After an adverse reaction to the Facebook virtual reality headset he received for Christmas, a kid was sent to the hospital with swelling in his eyes. Lewis Gray, 13, was overjoyed when his grandparents gave him the Oculus Quest 2, and he couldn't wait to put it on his head and start gaming.


The skin around his eyes and forehead began to turn red, but his mother, Kirsty Reed, 33, didn't notice until the next day.

Following the usage of the kit, Facebook received 5,716 reports of face skin irritation, including rashes, swelling, burning, itching, hives, and bumps, according to a recall advisory.

They also received about 45 reports of customers who needed medical help.

The Oculus Quest 2 - sometimes known as Meta Quest 2 - is a Facebook Technology virtual reality headset that may be used to play games.


Curry's sold Lewis' grandparents the virtual reality headset for £299.

Mum Kirsty, from Chertsey, Surrey, said: 'He played with it on Christmas day on and off over a few hours.’

'When he woke up on Boxing Day morning there was irritation along his cheekbones and on his forehead.’

'It almost looked like he was wearing blush.’


'There was a slight amount of swelling so I gave him some Piriteze, but the next morning he's woken up and his eyes are nearly shut with the swelling.'

He awakened on Monday, December 27th, and his father, Christopher Gray, 39, rushed him to St Peter's Hospital in Lyne's urgent treatment center.

When he consulted the doctor, he was told it was most likely a delayed allergic reaction to the headset, and he was given antihistamines and steroids as a precaution.


Kirsty said: 'It's worrying because you don't know what's going to happen or if the reaction's going to go further onto the throat.

'Anaphylaxis was a major concern as the swelling was so much.’

'The doctors had said if you get more irritation in his eyes or it swells more we would have to go straight back.’

'It could have completely closed his eyes if it had continued.’

'It's not very nice. I don't think Lewis fully understood until he spoke to the doctor.'


The silicone cover did come with Lewis' device, but Kirsty states there was no indication as to why it was included, so she didn't use it.

While there were warnings about epilepsy and that the product wasn't for children under the age of 13, Kirsty couldn't find anything about skin irritation.

She said: 'It didn't even come with a cover on it.’


'It's separate, which makes you think if this is an issue, why doesn't it come with it on?’

'It's a high-tech gaming device that a lot of children want and we need this warning about the potential risks involved.’

'Why are they still producing it the same when they know there's a problem?’

'Lewis is quite fortunate he doesn't have underlying allergens but for someone prone to anaphylaxis it could kill someone.'