Boy Saved By Dog From Drowning In The Dam Near Coff's Harbour!

By Sughra Hafeez in Feel Good On 25th September 2015

#1 This is Alexander and his saviour pet dog Leala..!

There love for each other is evident in the picture. Imagine Leala's condition when she found Alexander floating in a family friend's dam near coffs harbor, she tried to save him herself. But she was unable to do so..

#2 Leala found Alexander's father when she saw him floating.Alex was then airlifted to a Brisban hospital.

The drenched dog ran back to catch Alexander's father's attention by showing a quick presence of mind. He performed CPR on his son. And then Alexander was air lifted to a Brisbane Hospital.

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#3 Alexander was in a critical condition for 36 hours. He was in intensive care.

The doctors told the parents to be prepared, that they may not be taking this boy home and if they did take him home he'll probably have some sort of brain damage. It could not get more worse for them.

#4 But Alex surprised them all with a speedy miraculous recovery.

The toddler left doctors in disbelief 48 hours later when he started making a speedy recovery and was able to breathe on his own after being brought out of the induced coma. The doctors were pleasantly surprised with these turn of events.

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#5 May lord bless the child and also Leala the dog who will forever stay in our hearts.

Alexander's miracle recovery was possible only because of his father's CPR and Leala's quick-thinking instincts. 'Without Leala these grateful parents wouldn't have their little boy with them today. All the lords glory to his amazing creature Leala. You make the living race proud.