Boy Suffering From A Deadly Disease Unknowingly Spends All His Mother's Savings On Video Game Before He Realizes What She Was Saving It For

Posted by Sama in Heartbreaking On 28th February 2018

A rather unbelievable story from China has made it to the headlines these days. Reportedly, a 10-year-old kid unknowingly spent almost all the savings of his mother on a famous Chinese video game. The distressing part of the story is, the mother has been saving up the money for her son's treatment. As the story hit the social media, the gaming company is heavily criticised by the netizens for scamming poor citizens.

#1 Taotao Was Secretly Spending The Money

A 10-year-old kid in China unknowingly spent almost all of his mother's savings, which the poor mother had been saving up secretly for his treatment of Leukemia. Reportedly, the kid stole his mother's bank cards and started using it for a game called Kings of Glory, dubbed the “Internet heroin” amongst gamers.


#2 The Distressed Mom Realized The Situation When It Was Too Late

The kid's mother, Lai Donghong realized the situation when she saw transactions made from her account and amount each time transacted was huge. The distressed mother says that her son has spent $25,000 which include's his mother’s entire life savings.

#3 The Authorities Traced Back The Transactions Back To The Gaming Company

Donghong says her child has spent nearly $8,000 on each instalment. Not knowing the truth, Donghong rushed to the authorities to inquire about the situation because the first thought that came to her mind was that the cards had been stolen.

The money was all traced back to the game King of Glory, making the mother realize that it was her own son who has spent the entire money unknowingly. Developed by Tencent, one of China's largest internet service providers in 2015, Kings of Glory is said to have as many as 50 million users playing at any one time, according to Chinese media. Talking to the media, Donghong's son confessed that he secretly figured out a way to transfer the money from bank and has been playing the game for quite some time now.


#4 Taotao Claims He Never Knew That The Numbers On The Screen Meant Real Cash

The young kid says he thought the numbers displayed on the screen were not real cash. Taotao was diagnosed with the deadly disease in May and since then his mother has spent around $80,000 for her son's treatment.

After Donghong explained her difficult situation to the game company, reportedly she has been given back two-thirds of the money.

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