Breathtaking Photos Taken From Enormous Heights

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Amazing On 27th February 2018

Our world is filled with some of the most beautiful and amazing things. There are people out there who dare to capture images of these spectacular sites no matter what it takes. Whether they scaled a mountaintop or climbed to the highest point of a building, the people who bring us these images are truly brave. Here are some of the most amazing photographs taken from some of the most sickening heights.

From Russia With Love

It is a popular sport for many Russian teens to take to the skies via the highest buildings to snag amazing images like this one. This young daredevil is much braver than most of us. I get a bit nauseous just looking at him hanging there, but the sight around him is truly amazing.


Head in the clouds

This brave soul scaled 338 meters to the top of one of Europe's tallest buildings, Mercury City Tower. I could just faint at the idea of being so high that I literally would have my head in the clouds.

Christ the Redeemer

This is truly a spectacular view! It would have to be since this man is standing on a 125 foot statue in Rio de Janeiro. I love how you can see the slope of the Earth rounding off in the distance.


Shanghai Tower, China

This is a crane used for building the Shanghai Tower in China. From this vantage point, you get a spectacular view of the city below. However, you could not pay me enough to work on the top of one of those cranes. That would take balls that I simply do not have.

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