Bride And Groom Say They’re ‘Dead Inside’ After More Than 100 People Died At Their Wedding

By Haider Ali in Heartbreaking On 5th October 2023

After a fire at their wedding claimed the lives of 100 guests, a couple has stated that they feel "dead inside."

Image credits: Sky News

The wedding location in Iraq's Nineveh province caught fire, killing a significant number of the bride and groom's friends and relatives.

Despite the fact that Haneen and Ravan were meant to be enjoying their special day, they had lost a great deal of loved ones by the time it was through.

The fire at a wedding venue in Qaracosh, close to the city of Mosul, on Tuesday, claimed the lives of 15 family members, including Haneen's mother and brother, age 18, and her husband Revan, age 27.

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On the day they were to begin their married life together and have their happiest day ever, Revan said: "Inside we are dead. We're numb. Inside, we are lifeless.”

Image credits: Sky News

Revan continued, "After the unfortunate event that left her dad in intensive care in the hospital, his wife remarked that she 'can't speak'.”

Revan speculated that the fire may have begun in the building's ceiling when asked about its origin, which had been speculated to be indoor fireworks.

Talking to Sky News, he said: "It could be a short-circuit, I don't know.”

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“But the fire started in the ceiling.”

“We felt the heat… When I heard the crackling I looked at the ceiling.”

“Then the ceiling, which was all nylon, started to melt. It only took seconds."

Just before their first dance, the power went out, and when it came back on, he remembered seeing flames in the ceiling.

The husband described how his newlywed bride was unable to run away on her own due to her long wedding dress and that he had to drag her to safety.

Image credits: Sky News

"I kept dragging her and trying to get her out of the kitchen entrance. As people were fleeing, people were trampling on her,” he said.

“Her legs are injured.”

“Our relatives, our friends, our loved ones are all gone."

The horrifying fire claimed the lives of aunts, uncles, mothers, siblings, and cousins, and the couple is now nervously awaiting word on the condition of Haneen's father.

Image credits: Sky News

Speaking to local media, the couple said that the trauma they had endured had "destroyed" their ability to be happy and that they would no longer be able to reside in their hometown.

A friend of the couple, Jamil al-Jamil, stated: "The crushing blow of losing so many family members far outweighs the 'minor burns' they suffered in the fire.”

“The bride lost her whole family - three brothers, all of her uncles, and her young cousins.”

“The groom lost his mother."


Authorities have since claimed that the accident was caused in part by flammable building materials.

Conflicting fatality figures were reported by various agencies following the incident, and wedding venue staff members were held while security personnel conducted their investigation.

Although one TV channel aired footage of fireworks shooting up from the floor and lighting a chandelier on fire, there is still no official explanation for the fire as of yet.