Bride Ridiculed For Making An Unusual Wedding Cake The Night Before Her Ceremony

By Zainab Pervez in Fails Published On 5th July 2023

Weddings are often seen as a culmination of months of meticulous planning and preparation. From the venue to the decorations, every detail is carefully considered to ensure a memorable and visually stunning event.

However, sometimes things don't go exactly as planned, as one bride recently discovered. In a surprising turn of events, the bride found herself ridiculed for making an unusual wedding cake the night before her ceremony. 

TikTok/ @darlinggoose

Laura, widely recognized as @darlinggoose on TikTok, took to the popular video-sharing platform to reveal her unique wedding plans. Among her preparations for the momentous day, she bravely decided to undertake the task of creating her own wedding cake merely 12 hours before the much-awaited event.

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TikTok/ @darlinggoose

With a dedicated following of 86,000 on TikTok, Laura openly shared her DIY project with her enthusiastic audience. She demonstrated that by combining multiple boxes of cake mix, a generous amount of cream icing, and a playful assortment of rainbow sprinkles, the end result could actually turn out quite charming and visually appealing.


"Not sure if making my wedding cake at midnight the night before my wedding was the best idea," she wrote in the caption of the video.

In Australia, the cost of wedding cakes can range from $300 to $1200, varying based on factors such as the number of tiers and intricate details. However, Laura's homemade creation was estimated to have cost significantly less, likely amounting to less than $30.

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Laura said: "I'm getting married in two days and today I'm baking our wedding cake."

The two-tiered cake Laura made for her wedding utilized Betty Crocker rainbow white cake mix, with each box costing approximately $4 AUD. By opting for this affordable cake mix, she managed to keep the cost of the cake significantly lower than traditional wedding cakes.

To create the tiers of the cake, Laura baked three eight-inch cakes and three ten-inch cakes. These multiple cakes were carefully layered and stacked to form the distinct sizes required for the tiered design.

'It's now midnight, the night before our wedding and I am icing our cake. I've never iced a cake in my life, but I think it's looking pretty cute,' she said.



Not sure if making my wedding cake at midnight the night before my wedding was the best idea πŸ˜…πŸ€ͺπŸ’‹

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To complete the cake, Laura added a striking topper that prominently displayed the couple's name. The sizable topper served as a bold and personalized statement, adding a touch of significance and sentimental value to the homemade creation.

While Laura expressed her satisfaction with the end result, describing it as "cute," not everyone shared the same sentiment. Some individuals couldn't resist offering criticism and voiced their reservations regarding the homemade dessert.


"Yeah that’s a no," wrote one user while another asked: "Is this a joke?"

Someone else wrote: "U could’ve at least watched a youtube tutorial bruh."

@darlinggoose β€œYou’re not making a sprinkle cake for your wedding, that must be a joke” shoutout to my photographer, Kim for slaying 😫πŸ’₯❀️ #weddingdiy #diyweddingcake #sprinklecake ♬ Ms. Jackson

And this user even went onto describe the cake as a "mess" saying: "The colour on those sprinkles is gonna bleed into the icing over night. By the morning it’s going to be an even bigger mess."

Thankfully though, there were lots of social media users who also jumped to defend Laura and her wedding project.

"Y’all hating but she just saved like $700," wrote one user. "Y’all so worried ab the wedding and not the marriage."


Another added: "Some of these comments need to chill. it’s her wedding, she can have whatever type of cake she wants. I think it’s cute and unique!"


the most beautiful wedding flowers - all from Costco

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A third described the haters as "mean" saying: "People are so mean. I can’t remember anyone’s cake at weddings I’ve been to. If you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters. Its your day! Congrats!"

Another added: "'Is this a joke' that cake is gonna taste BOMB and you didn’t get trapped by the wedding industry price scam. 12/10."

After her big day, the DIY specialist chose to upload a montage of pictures featuring her sprinkle cake and its outcome. And here's the exciting part: It was truly incredible!


In addition to the wedding cake, the resourceful DIY specialist didn't stop there. She took charge of creating her own flower arrangements for the tables, opting for lovely plants sourced from Costco. By arranging the blooms herself, she added a personal touch to the decor while keeping the costs in check.

@darlinggoose Just got all our wedding flowers from Costco 🀍🀍🀍 #weddingtiktok ♬ Summer Instrumental

Not only did Laura showcase her floral talents, but she also crafted her own bridal bouquet using some of the extra white roses. She skillfully arranged the flowers and secured them with a coordinating ribbon, resulting in a stunning bouquet that perfectly complemented her wedding attire.

To further enhance the charm of the occasion, Laura demonstrated her creativity by making DIY napkins. These custom-designed napkins featured the names of both herself and her husband at the bottom, adding a delightful and memorable detail to the table settings.