Brilliant Solutions To Everyday Problems

Posted by Editorial Staff in Science and Technology

Forgetting to put the toilet seat down is no longer a problem, and neither is forgetting which side of the car the gas tank is on. Thanks to these brilliant yet simple inventions, some everyday hassles are becoming a little bit easier and carefree.


#1 Flush Down Device

Should you put the seat down when you're finished using the toilet or should the other person after you be responsible for putting it up? This is an age old dilemma for couples or anyone sharing a bathroom with the opposite sex. One company took matters into their own hands and created an invention that should settle this once and for all.


#2 Life Is About To Get Easier

This seat will automatically put itself down after the user has flushed the toilet. It's an easy set-up and doesn't even require any tools. Once the toilet handle gets flushed, the seat just goes back down into it's sitting position.


#3 Scoop That

If your freezer is working so well that you break a spoon when trying to scoop out ice cream, you're probably a little lucky, unless you're running out of spoons. You can try placing the ice cream container into the microwave and nuking it for a minute, but then it's like soup.


#4 Your Hand Heats The Scoop

There is now an innovative invention that will spare your bent spoons and have you scooping like a pro in no time at all. The "Scoop That" self-heating ice cream scoop uses your body heat to warm up the scoop and makes it easy as pie to dish out your favorite frozen treat. It doesn't use any electricity or batteries but simply warms up when your hand holds onto the handle tightly.

#5 Microbicidal Paint

Everything is covered in paint. It makes the world more beautiful. But what if the thing we used to color our world with had another use as well? This new microbicidal paint can keep the world healthy. It's high-tech and can kill infection-causing bacteria. It's been proven to kill more than 99.9% of staph, e.coli, and other infectious bacteria within two hours of exposure.


#6 Sunscreen Indicator Markers

Sunscreen has always been confusing and not many people understand the UV and number ratings on the packaging for proper protection. Knowing when it's time to re-apply is another thing altogether. There are now markers that you just apply to your skin before using the sunscreen and when it's time to reapply, about 2 hours, the markers turn color to alert you. This can be a great way to stop skin cancer as well as bring awareness to the amount of time a sunscreen lotion actually works.


#7 Notched Chair

A big problem for women is where to place their purse when they sit down. There's no room anywhere, except the dirty ground or floor, and who wants to put their expensive bag there? Many women opt to place their purse on the back of the chair but the straps slip off constantly and the bag ends up on the floor anyway.

#8 Every Chair Should Have This

Now there is a chair that solves this great problem. It has a notch built into the back of the seat so you can keep your bag in place. Many schools are already buying these chairs for those bulky book bags that students have to carry around.


#9 Roof Pumps

Nothing is more annoying than pulling up to a gas station pump and realizing that your tank is one the opposite side of the pump. Of course, they do have pointers placed near the gas icon on your dash, but in Korea, they came up with a simpler way to pump gas no matter which side you pull in for gas. The pump hangs from the roof above and can be pulled to either side of your car. This pump also takes up less room, and many stations are putting them around the shop over every parking space instead of in front of the station in rows.


#10 Handy Tie

There's nothing better than an invention that serves more than one purpose and is still creative and fashionable. With this classy mens tie, you can look fashionable and keep your phone screen or eye glasses clean with the underside. The tie is made with a microfiber material on the backside so when your phone is looking dirty you can just swipe it clean with your own tie!

#11 USB Memory Censor

USB sticks are one of the best inventions ever, and everybody has a few around. The only problem is that you can really never tell how much space is available on one until you plug it in and check it on your system. The people at Lexar noticed this problem and came up with a very clever new USB stick. Taking a queue from battery censors that show how much power is available, they designed a USB stick drive that shows on the outside how much room is left or how much is already in use.

#12 Produce Color Sticker

Just what we need, more sticky things to peel off from our produce. But this is different. When it comes to selecting produce most people have no idea what they are doing. Are you supposed to squeeze a tomato, or smell an avocado? Knowing when something is ripe or not is a science only great=grandmothers know. But now produce companies are taking the guesswork out of choosing just the right apple, orange, or melon. They changed the stickers to reflect things like what color the banana should be for best taste, or the color and mango should be to show if it is ripe or not.


#13 No Drip Coffee Cup

There is nothing worse than finding out that your morning coffee has left a permanent ring around your favorite table or on your report that is due in a few hours at work. Coffee spills and stains are the worst. There is now a genius solution to this problem. A cup with a reservoir to catch spills and drips. It is just like any cup but without a mess. Now you can have a dry lap and a dry desk at work.